discourse of swirls

Posted on Tue Nov 7th, 2017 @ 11:32pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Character Development
Location: science office

"Tractor beam swirls are a no?" Asked Timothy Wayne. The lieutenant was asking as Arcos had come in after the meeting with the Commander.


"Aye.  They are a no."  Arcos said looking at the floor.   He itched his head.  "There's too many risks." He kicked the table.  The discussion hadn't gone well, but neither had his calculations.  "Someone in R and D will figure out our scans and change more than a micron of affect..."  He paused.  "You want to go get a drink..."


Timothy Nodded.  "I suppose its your elevated state that brought something of anything..." he looked over at Sezar coming in. "And you too Sezar."


Lieutenant Sezar looked over, "It is illogical to detain multiple vessels in range without pinpoint accuracy."  He paused, "The relevance to a star base would hold merits."


"I suppose, but that was our project."  Wayne said.  "We had something of research and development team going and the commander just pulls the plug."


"Would you prefer we spend our time on ops duties more readily, lieutenant?" Sezar remarked.


Arcos looked over, "Sezar He knows the departmental duties.  Its just not often we get that opportunity to discover something... call it opportunistic of the science department to get our hands dirty on ops work load."   


Shael piped in "I would find it opportunistic indeed.  Yet you, sezar, and Timothy are not seeking a transfer in department, nor has our roster been amended so it would be logical conclude the Commanders reprimand for non-authorized research in deflector parameters hasn't warranted further actions."


Wayne commented, "It is as it is.  We get told to do our jobs and not bother the ops regiment.  They get told to look over our figures.  I call it stepping on toes and the lieutenants hasty command codes to conduct the research."


Arcos looked over casually calmed, "You three have not much to worry about.  I am Lieutenant for a few more years."  He paused.  "You know Tim, you could go orange."


Timothy looked over, "No." then, "I am a science all the knots of the seaboard.  Ops isn't research, and although I may be administrative now, I spent a lot of my time in the lab since the academy.  I'll have your job here or another vessel when the time is right..."


"There we go, just allow me to be too readily using command codes for projects like tractor swirls Tim... and I'll be moved to the penal colony and you'll have my job."  Arcos laughed.  "No seriously, Tim.  Your loosing your years as the assistant.  Shael has Vulcan physiology to outlive us."

Tim piped in, "We grow old together, She just moves up the latter looking young. Vulcans"


Shael,  "It is a course of natural development of complex lifeforms ecosystems in a differing star system."


Sezar, "Indeed."