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The Care of Avalon

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 3:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Morning Star Brooks & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection



Having been busy in his quarters... Arcos arrived in sickbay.  "Dr.  I have The Care of Avalona new EMH for you.  I programed her myself this past hour." He dropped the holo-emitter on the ground.  Revealing the elven doctor.  "I know she's a little off... But imagine one life size walking around..."  His eyes had shadows under them.  "I think I can resequence the program... she'll sound just like the..." he cut out.


He looked over at the holo-gram turned on... "She's mouthing something..."   He paused.  "You think its funny to put me in a holo-matrix..." He rubbed his eyes.  "Its a still image... a still image."   He paused.  "She is clearly able to talk without talking..."  He paused.  "I told you I was sick... demented... too much work.  Elves talking to me."


"Take a seat on that bio-bed and please shut down your program,I'll look it over when I'm finished with you," Morningstar said


He shut down the program, he rolled his eyes back into his head and fell on his back on the biobed.  Quickly regaining consciousness, he felt weak and lay there still, arms folded, as if regenerating.  Weakly he said, "I'll move when I get the energy..." he tilted his head and nodded off.


"You'll move when your rested and I finish my scans and tests," Morningstar muttered as she loaded a hypo-spray with a strong sleeping drug. One that would keep him out for nearly twenty four hours.


"No Argu..." he said flopping over before he could finish the sentence. He lay there passed out.


Debbie dimmed the lights to let him sleep as it was obvious the man needed the sleep and the drug she'd given him would keep him out for twenty four hours.






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