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Your shuttle power rundown

Posted on Thu Jul 13th, 2017 @ 9:41pm by Captain Charles Atwood & Commander Terri Davis & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection

okay so plasma power storage is a functional power storage source.  You heat the plasma to valence of differing charges.  it powers the pack like a battery.   Your shuttlecraft use plasma already in the nacelle processes.   Its a like polarity push that gives you motion through stage coils.  The difference with the shuttle is that pools the influx with the plasma storage power to maximize use of whats there.  I have drawn your pre-charged plasma auxiliary power reserves.  A normal trip will use just the shuttle craft plasma power source, the reserves are untouched and remain hot. until drawn from the difference in charges will not drop rapidly as when power is drained making the power less affective.  You could equip a phaser array and draw off the auxiliary...  You would charge through either the back or the front, but a direct hook up to the auxiliary plasma power reserves could be made.   those red things are separate plasma mixtures to carry staged charge.  I am working on emitting a short jump in plasma quanta field emission of warp field surrounding the nacelle to create warp without deflector assistance.  the influx would be a rotational coil pattern stage 1 fires impulse, stage 2 fires impulse, stage 3, stage 4, stage 5, stage six fires impulse stage 2 impulse stage one begins warp field influx, stages go 2-6 with 1 on warp travel. shunt provides polarity difference, it could require two stages to offset shunt but impulse is affective on two nacelles with 3 stage firing.   The aft five stages are for planetary and reverse impulse.   The shuttle could cross polarity shift allowing for no motion... locked in alternating polarity till shutt off, the idea would be to do this slowly with less stages locked.  or adjust input of power flow to lessen the speed of the craft.



Or for the tactical mode: equipped with phaser and plasma power packs... you'd build your flight console above it... and tactical console.  I don't think these are very advanced shuttle designs type 6?


with the instrumentation... bear with me on Linux graphics creations...



the goal on recharge is to reach ionization energy then add charge to the trapped coils with influx of power.   once charged the ionized gas should hold.  Its a mater of power additions... Typically the enterprise would carry fusion reactors for its lower needs and anti-matter for its higher warp needs.  twin fusion reactors powering a bunch of these explorer vessels, and use the experimental antimatter drive which chases hydrogen giving an influx of power generation... magnetic containment was key to the drive, but the plasma coils don't require the anti-matter drive.   the separation, isolation and containment processes would be fruit-filled but have sprouted the emergence of antimatter detonation devices such as the anti-matter bomb.   the twin separation of particles then injection after housing is part of the process... the injection of the drive would be critical with those processes.   the photon torpedo is a single quanta detonation device with some quanta release, the quantum should be a step detonation that could trigger a larger detonation with possibility of quanta emission but the best part would be the armament being quanta triggered instead of photon triggered.  Giving the blast a bit of resistance to shielded or adapted targets.... its quanta would also allow step advantage. instead of singular photon...


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