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Shuttle probe

Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 10:25pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye & Commander Terri Davis & Lieutenant Commander Morning Star Brooks

Mission: Infection

"Subspace tunnels could potentially be opened artificially for a small craft such as a runabout using a class 9 probe modified to emit a subspace repair frequency on pulse, with a subspace field damaging propulsion.  Although limited to warp two, it may be possible to open a subspace rift and repair the outer rims allowing for craft to move through the subspace tunnel at rapid return or rapid arrival.   Keep in mind the subspace field could dissipate over time, but the subspace tunnel would allow rapid travel for the small craft.     I am having one of those nights... with redundancy thoughts employing high warp travel... although my own design for antimatter drive is flawed.  Some day an omega particle drive may drive the power you need.   Obviously multiple transporters beaming particle out simultaneously in dual spin orientations for the entire molecule would dissipate the device.    I was contemplating a quad drive with three isolated sections for micro-power production with temporary particle injection for increased power production.  It is late.   But the redundancy power house recycling may prove to bring my contemplations up past warp 7 barrier.  Oscillating plasma power auxiliary dampening fields would be best to have several bumps in affect to keep flow in affect with placement in several places with in the ship.   sorry I am probably in the dark ages for a section 31 ship.   I had contemplated gravity generators in oscillation mode centrally located sort of like nacelles with fields in place.  Other thoughts was a double use of subspace field... for the purpose of surpassing typical warp..."  Entering the commanders office rambling after a lengthy session of experimentation.


Terri nodded "And I believe this will have to be taken care of at a starbase. It's doable that's for sure."


"Yes yes... The redundancy push drove the warp barrier to warp 7.8  additional power supplied through anti-matter influx cycling boosted the ships power above warp 9 for sustained moments...."  He said catching himself.


"I am not well. Commander, I exhausted myself and have exerted my mind to things I was pressed not to.  The resolution turns... yes in simulation... I got a quarter turn with lesser extension past three meters.  To what end this would have.  The anomaly works... I do not." He said weakly sitting down.

"Some part of me is woken, I am ill." He said.  "You may wish to consider having me transfered to this star base for medical reprieve."  He paused, "I hear the words of the elven princess carrying for me in my hours of weakness.  She told me I could go to Avalon through "Tir na Ne"... and that I was of the elves of that region, not of hers, but she did care for me a great deal..." he continued.  "its an old painting of an Elven princess I did sometime ago, I've been finding myself weak. lessened in energy."   He paused, "She speaks I listen in my times of quarters.  Tales  of her peoples.  It may be odd, but I enjoy them, but have found myself drained of energy and bound with vision of creatures of odd..."  "I don't believe Tir Na Ne the land of the eternal children still exists if it ever did, but she said I carried the mixture of their people"

"I was not the house lord... and not an entry to Avalon." According to her, "But a fascination of their people none the less.   Up until recently I had extra energy in me to push beyond, I am not a tactical.  I never get much stronger, but what I make of it gets abounded with more energy.  Suddenly I find myself weak.  I have times where I'd hit the floor if I couldn't pull from it.  And then I rest for some while.  I cannot pull double shifts any more.  I don't think there's anything medically wrong with me, but if you would like I could be checked out?"

He added "I've lost weight... she ought to not that in the log.  I think my slacks fit around 31's by old measurement."


Morningstar walked over and ran some scans "Commander I would like to check him out in sick bay,"


"Make it so doctor," Terri agreed


"Lieutenant report to sick bay in one hour," Morningstar ordered


"aye sir.  I'll be in my quarters."  He said, looking dark under the eyes. and ghostly pale.


"On second thought report there now, that's an order," Morningstar said.


"Sure, I'll go there."  He said exiting.  Leaving for his quarters instead.  He pieced together his hole-emitter with a new still image of an elf in some sort of Section 31 medical uniform.



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