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Deflector Cross-Aliasing

Posted on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 3:47am by Lieutenant Arcos Darye
Edited on on Sat Jul 8th, 2017 @ 4:17am

Mission: Infection
Location: Deflector Control
Timeline: Backlog

Lieutenant Sezar And Shael and Arcos were working through the deflector controls in the deflector control section of the Tikal.   "I Just wanted to run this through the new tikal control configures..." Arcos started.


"It is agreeable.  Our mathemathics department has confirmed that the defelector should be able to cross alias on a sweeping arc."  Shael confirmed.


Sezar looked over and said, "it would be advisable to run several test programs before integrating the algorythm.  The numbers select that you will not be able to maintain the figures for the sweep.  We would have better luck with holoprograming routines insequence."


"I know that Lieutenant.  We need to cross the barrier here ourselves.  People do not use simulated holograms to on the bridge stations in midst of a crisis.  The two of you are Vulcan and have already made marks in the pre-simulation.  I know I will be there as Chief.   I am a dead wieght. But technically once we call a full team aboard we might be able to monitor the cross-sectional multi-sweep.   Its a good deflector, but as you can see its angle is normally set in a differing hex arc and not the circular arc of the yesteryear.  Its great, comm system is there in the front, we will be utillizing parts of each sector directing them with upper and lower rings to strengthen the beam for a angled shot of direction... typically our power in multitude would just search for something weakly cloaked or hidden, but the idea is we could divert to tractor if we had enough power by merging the three search beams..."

Lt Sezar, "I don't think we will have much to gather from here.  I have checked the power couplings and you could bring out possible four beams if we had four stations, and two weak tractors at full power but our couplings are not meant for our deflectors in this manner.  I am uncertain the necessity to handle such an operation. And I will be lodging my complaint for the risk of sensitive science equipment.


"Shael?"  Arcos said looked at her.


"I think you should consider the commanders advisement."  She paused.  "I'd say you'd have thirty minutes of search time, humanly you would lag the team.  If four were brought online, you would have fifteen, but the risk of blowing a coupling would jeopardize the ships deflector looking at repairs.    It is possible to bring them together to tractor you could also emit a feedback pulse and cripple both ships."


"I will not ommit Sezars comment in the log, and I want you to standby to the bridge.   If I have to do it with an ensign, I would...."


"Lieutenant. I will assist, but you know our watches are not the same.  MY suggestion is put Sezar on the bridge and make certain auxiliary can handle one."  


"I will of course go to the commander and keep your tactical analysis under advisement."


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