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All Hands On Deck

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 1:41pm by Commander Terri Davis & Lieutenant Commander Morning Star Brooks & Captain Charles Atwood & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Commander Jacqueline Kotta & Commander Raez Vol & Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection

OOC: I posted this as it seemed to have stalled. Let's keep going and see where the mission leads.




The USS Tikal had arrived at a measurable short distance from the infected area. Jacqueline was at her station when Alyssa received the incoming frequency.

"Commander Kotta," Alyssa said from the communications console. "The USS Jonas Salk wants to know when you will be sending Security Personnel over?"

"Science launch a probe, I want to know what we're dealing with on that planet before we send an away team," Terri ordered as she turned to look at Commander Kotta "When did the USS Jonas Salk arrive and what kind of help do they need? Lieutenant Commander Blackfur, assume standard orbit around Remus 4."

 Miranda worked the controls of the helm as she brought the USS Tikal into standard orbit around Remus 4. "Standard Orbit achieved, Commander." Miranda purred in her professional voice.  

The science officer launches probe, and begins to monitor intentively for anything abnormal.  Secondary science station signals remotely the data is being monitored and fed to the science team.  The science officer returns to normal duties, looks up and says, "Science auxiliary station is now monitoring probe data sir."

"When we are given the order," Jacqueline replied. Jacqueline turned to Alyssa as Alyssa says to her they just arrived. "The medical ship just arrived as it turns out. They are not a big medical ship like the USS Mayo or McCoy but all help is needed."

Morning Star was on the bridge as she wanted to see if there were any further developments when the call came in that the medical ship had arrived. "Captain, Commander Davis if they need me over there to assist in the I'm more than willing to go."

"Much appreciated doctor but we may need you here. Until a new CMO is found your the acting CMO," Terri said looking over at the doctor."

Miranda quietly communicated with her second in command. "prep shuttles for support for the Away Team if needed." She waited a few seconds and gotten the affirmative that the shuttles were being prepped for departure and awaiting their crews and passengers.

Miranda swung in her seat to face the Command Centre Seats and those that were in command of the Tikal. "Shuttles are on stand by for usage as needed."

At that moment Charles arrived from his office being notified that the ship has arrived destination, as Terri stood from the central chair and took over her station he said "Number One what have we got here?"

"We've assumed standard orbit of Remus 4, the USS Jonas Salk arrived over night and are standing by to assist us. Science has launched a probe so we can get a better idea of what we're dealing with," Terri said accepting a PADD "Some early readings are in and the infection appears to be only in the food supply. But as a precaution when the away team head down I suggest a shuttle rather than transport down."

 "Thanks Commander", answered Charles after Terri's report

 Commander Raez Vol wasted no time adding his consensus, " I stand ready to serve in what ever capacity I am needed."

"Commander Vol please take your station I'm Honoured to have you as one of my senior staff members", answered Charles 

After Vol sat on his station Charles said "Ok people let's get this show on the road"

Jacqueline was pleased to see things were moving now. True to form, she ran up the roster for the Salk. Her eyebrow went up for a moment. Turning to her Tactical Offcer she said, "Helena. Odd that a Medical ship of only twenty four are all men of Earth. Every ship I have seen has some kind of diversity."

"You think they are not legit?" Helena asked. 

Jacqueline asked Alyssa to cut the communications temporary. "Captain, I sense something peculiar about the Salk. They popped up out of no where and they are all humans. Keep your eyes open."

"Hail them and see who they are, request visual. I've never heard of a ship that is all one race, it could be a trap," Terri said

Alyssa hails them. When they are finally patch on to the screen, Jacqueline sensed something as she had a hard time picking up even feelings then it occurs to her that there was really only three men in that ship and the rest were holograms. She types to Terri what the deal was. 

 Arcos arrives on the bridge and takes over at the primary station relieving the science officer who takes position at science three.  He taps a few buttons aware of the probe telemetry, "There may be something more than just the ship.  I am reading a small sensor echo... it may be secondary vessels bouncing transmissions off natural satellites or a small cloak.... hard to tell.  Perhaps Ops should have a look sir?"

"Make is so," Terri ordered "Hail that ship again and find out why the crew is holograms. They could be trying to keep us away from Remus 4 and finding out what the food source is that was brought there."

 Charles sat on the command chair letting his crew work but ready to intervene if necesary.

Miranda returned facing the helm and prepped the ship for evasive maneuvers. She gave the high sign that she was ready upon orders to move the Tikal if it was needed.

"Commanders," Helena said at Tacticals, "Picking up echos. Something is a foot like Amarith use to say."

"What kind of echos?" Terri asked "Go to yellow alert."

Miranda got the Tikal moving once the command was given for yellow alert. She maneuvered the Tikal into a better position to return fire if needed.

"I suspect marauders,"  Jacqueline said. "Seen it happen before. Ship or bases goes on quarantine and people start seeing things disappear."

"Science, tactical scan for marauders," Terri ordered

"Beginning, sir" Arcos tapped the comm panel still attuned to the deflector sector arc associated with the a holo ship. He worked as fast as he could.  "Secondary science, give me a hand getting our primary outer ring tapped multi-aliasing."

The lieutenant looked over nodded and tapped, a third officer worked the other panel. The three began to sweep the the two secondary rings in almost algorithmic study. It was a triangular rotation. from every science station on the bridge.  The three science on the bridge tapped away, endlessly sweeping putting their mathematical teams together and deflector know-how.

"Sir we are sweeping, but its going to be a heavy load on our team."  he tapped.  "Full science detail on the bridge to monitor the deflector."  Outwardly the deflector seemed to hum and triangular arcs stemming from multiple rings appeared on the sensors.  It was too much work for arcos.  "Sir I cannot keep this up much longer..." exhausted and tapping the deflector as much as it could. 

"Take a break for a minute," Terri said walking over to where he was.

"I'll try sir, its just the intricacies of this kind of deflector manipulations..." he said tapping the panel.  "With all certainty if we utilize full deflector power we could potentially ensnare any ships caught with in the rotating pattern."  He gasped for air as he worked.

"And I understand engineering, you need a break," Terri said "Take ten minutes, get a breather and come back. Don't make me make it an order."

Lieutenant Sezar spoke from the other station, "If we do not engage traction devices there will be no disruption as simulations planned.  I recommend we stick to the expose algorithm sir."  The science officer under Arcos recommended. "A feedback pulse could be damaging to the deflector at this time."

"Agreed," Terri said

"Understood."  Arcos replied. continuing to monitor.  "We will have twenty six minutes before shutting down the relays, or risk overheating the deflector emitter coils."

"Shut them down before that happens," Terri said "We don't need systems to act up at this time."

"Okay people I need to know if there is a cloaked vessel ASAP, so let's make it happen... I do not want a photon torpedo on our tail any time soon", said Charles taking control of the situation.

"Science scan for any distortions out there that could be a cloaked ship. Look for tachyon emissions," Terri ordered

"Aye sir,"  Tapping the buttons, "It seems the initial sensor echo was bounced off a natural satellite."  Arcos said shutting down the omega sweep directive to a normal sensor scan.  "And there's nothing here... but we did pick up particles of tachyon emissions trails... they aren't masking their engines and its..." tapping a few buttons "Odd this is usually ops departments...." He continued, "Minutes ago... they are sweeping the system cloaked and using one of the moons to mask their weak cloak.   Definitely not Romulan grade sir."



Debbie hearing the order to report to the bridge handed over the patient she'd been taking care of to the  ACMO and bolted for the bridge. Once there she walked over and took a position at science.


Arcos sat at the main science station being relieved of most of the ops duties by the Chief of Ops.




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