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sending you science officers

Posted on Wed Jun 7th, 2017 @ 12:54pm by Commander Terri Davis & Lieutenant Commander Morning Star Brooks & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection



<--ooc: Intro-->

Arcos was in his office.  He was going over his reports and having decided Yi and Sandstryl both could use some practice with their skills they had prior to their life in star fleet he was about ready to walk to sickbay to offer their services to the medical department.  They both had agreed.  Yi was already a skilled counselor in the department, mostly with his younger crewmen that worked under him.  Arcos also saw him as a good friend to PO3 Davis, whom should have been an officer but couldn't finish the fourth year at the academy.  That was the year he could no longer hear or see entirely. Entering the medical bay. Arcos strode in looking the Chief medical officer.


Morning Star hearing the doors to sick bay open walked out into main sick bay "I'm Doctor Brooks can I help you?"


"Hello Doctor Brooks, I am here to see you about a couple things.  Shall we meet in your office?"  Arcos said catching the Associate Chief Medical officer.  He paused then decided he better clarify, "Mostly its non-health related..."


"Morning Star nodded and led the way to her office "Have  a seat, and tell me what brings you in."


Arcos entering, "Well a couple things." he paused.  "I have two enlisted officers that have some sort of training you might use."  He looked around eying some of the items around her office, noticing that some of her native heritage was represented among the assortment of medical equipment and documentation.


"What kind of training?" Morning Star asked taking a seat at her desk.


 "Well, our environmental Science researcher has a two year counseling certificate, he does a good job with the younger enlisted."  he paused thinking of what he already observed with the blind Petty officer Terry Davis.


"The other is our Mineralogy specialist, Yuri Sandstryl.  She's very smart, just a little boy crazy.  She has a two year nursing degree.  I know she can do the job as a medical assistant, but... you got to watch her on the young attractive ones.  That's actually why she transferred to geology." He sighed. "I don't think it will jeopardize her patients, but you'll be dealing with a broken heart just about every time she's stood up."  he paused... "Believe me it happens just about as often as she can get one to agree on a date."


"Has either of them graduated from school? The officer with a two year nursing degree I can train and watch, but she does not have enough experice to be a medical assistant. But she will need to learn to leave personal feelings at the door as I will not stand with a nurse who cannot handle keeping a separate professional and private life. A councilor  is always welcome, now a two year certificate does not tell me much. What experience does he have?" Morning Star asked "And is there any one I can speak to that can give him a personal and professional reference?"

"Both Petty Officers Yi and Sandstryl are both four year graduates from non-fleet science.  I checked as much as I am able, Yi was accepted at a graduate study before enlisting and is on hold.  Sandstryl applied to graduate study, but wasn't accepted at the one she wanted.  She was boy crazy probably and thought the right one was at a certain place.  Now she's boy crazy and thinks that she could find one here..." he paused, covered his eyes, "I know thats why she is here.  She could use a bit of counseling... I have my hands full." he paused and then started, "maybe..." continuing, "...maybe you could help her more than I.  She always does good work.  Yi just took the counseling program admitting to try and help counsel the girl he wanted who dumped him before he even started the program.  Technically he took the two years at the academy and is... listed as having star fleet counseling training.  thats a reference isn't it?  I think he was more interested in science, but... as for the girl, I think he likes human females.  I don't know for sure but a Rigellian doesn't have much chance. I think he knows, but he even dies his hair red.  I want to say for flare to appeal to humans.  Probably a bit of gossip, but my administrative assistant is kind of a gossip.  Wears off after a bit, you wouldn't believe me if I told you but it seems she keeps tabs on all the administrative science around the ship.  So... when she gets on the line to contact your administrative science officer, they talk... nothing medical but.. they talk."


"Not meaning to sound harsh but while on duty in sick bay there won't be time for her to get on line and just talk. I don't mind her talking on breaks or on lunch breaks but that's as far as I'll permit it here in sickbay," Morning Star said "Run this by the captain and if he agrees then I'll take them as trainees."


"sure, or would Commander Davis be more?" he asked a bit unsure then, "sure. There is one other issue.  I have an ensign who is kind of young.  He is always looking at his tricorder at the waste... We all think he has back problems but lately hes picked up a few pounds.  he was never really trim, but not really fit... do I tell him to report to you?  I can't order him here... he is kind of young to be overweight... I can't tell him he's fat... any suggestions?"


"You can quote regulations on him," Morning Star suggested







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