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Briefing Science - Reboot

Posted on Sun May 14th, 2017 @ 12:43pm by Commander Terri Davis & Lieutenant Commander Morning Star Brooks & Vice Admiral Alicia Monroe & Captain Charles Atwood & Commander Jacqueline Kotta & Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Arcos Darye & Lieutenant JG Arima Gladimus

Mission: Infection
Location: Breifing room

OOC The Infection is not on the Tikal it's on Remus 4 where we're heading. I'm also adding the new ACMO too



Terri had called the captain, security chief and the science chief into the briefing room. She'd ordered a variety of pastries for the morning briefing.


Charles arrived after being summoned by his new XO, from what he had experienced so far he knew this was important. He took a cup of coffee and added cream to it as he sat on the head of the table, he looked at everybody and said "Good morning"


"Good morning captain," Terri said when he arrived


Arcos arriving sat down.  He eyed the pastries but could not bring himself to indulge.  He was very much fond of them, but being close to 15 lbs over weight himself having hit the 30 and soon to be 31 he'd found the extra weight.


"As soon as the rest get here we'll begin,"


"very well.  I love the pastries, but as you can see I need to keep my weight down."  He said admitting he was struggling.


"We're waiting on the security chief, do you think we should include our fight control officer?" Terri asked


"Yes," Jacqueline replied. 


"Incoming message from Concordia for Security," Alyssa said from Communications. 


"Put it through," Jacqueline replied.


A familiar voice came over. "Commander Kotta, this is Admiral Alicia Monroe. We are sending back your officer Lt. Junior Grade Gladimus. Her pregnancy is coming along fine as she has used the D'Jani birthing chamber to speed up the pregnancy in her womb under the watchful eyes of doctors. She has requested to be there to have the baby with her mate Miranda close by."


"Understood but no one can come here until the infection is taken care of Admiral, especially a pregnant woman." 


"Affirmative. She will be with the relief," Alicia said. "Concordia out."


Before Jacqueline could say another word, the communication was broken off. 


Morning Star being brand new to the ship received the orders to report to the briefing room, walking in she took a seat. "I hope I've not kept anyone waiting."


Arcos piped in, "You know if she was pregnant still..."  he shook his head, "I better not raise this point.  Besides she's already given birth."  he looked over.  "This was purely science supposition." after a pause. "What?" then he raised his voice, "I am not a monster!".  He looked over, and tried to pleadingly explain, "I am just a curious creature. Science.  Its my nature.  Don't you see I wouldn't harm a single person.  I only want to discover what might be there should certain possibilities become reality. its not wrong..." he looked around then calmly and normally, "that's why I will use the ships simulator as soon as the samples arrive." then set his departmental report down, and began to read the meeting minutes.


"No one said you were a monster," Morning Star said calmly


Miranda sat there as stoic as usual, giving no indication of that she heard the incoming transmission. She was happy their child was born and going to be re-united. She gave Lt. Darye an odd look when he began spouting stuff that was not his concern as she kept her expression unreadable. She leaned back in her seat at the opposite end from the captain of the ship.


Jacqueline's eyebrow went up. "Arima is still pregnant but she has used a process with medical supervision to speed up the pregnancy. Same thing happen to me with my first pregnancy but I prefer the old fashion way like I had with my second." She sighed for a moment as she thought about her husband Xon. 


"We're about ten hours from Remus 4," Terri said as she looked at the captain "I've told science when we're in sensor range to have a full sensor sweep done. At this point we still don't know what kind of infection we're dealing with there. Early reports are that it is in the food supply. Something they got from an outside source."

"Any way to track down what the last food shipment was supposed to be comprised of?"  Arcos asked. "That might give us a head start." It would still be a needle in a haystack most likely, but to Arcos that hay stack could just have been isolated from the others in the barn.


"We're not going to know what the outside food source was until we get there," Terri said "I've given you all the information I was sent."


"I'd still like to get navigation to see if there are any logs of merchant vessels passing through." Arcos said.  "Maybe Miranda can pin point where they are coming and going."  pausing, "It just a 'tid-bit' that might be useful.  Actually Security probably would be better at working on that with Helm than me."


"I agree," Terri said but we're not going to know much until we get there. We can send a  request to the planet asking for the logs and flight plans of visiting ships"


Miranda gave a nod as a response to show she was paying attention as she sent a request to the ship's Quartermaster to move her stuff into Arima's quarters on the ship. She sent a request to ship's Security to set up for her personal access to Arima's Quarters. 

Jacqueline smiled when her pager beeped. She pressed a few buttons then she glanced back at Miranda, "Security has your back. I do have some extra homemade baby clothes for your child when she is born."


Miranda nodded her acceptance and smiled at gaining access to Arima's quarters. "Send them to my new den." She turned her attention back to the briefing that was going on around her.

Jacqueline pressed a few buttons on her pad as she made it so.


"Okay I believe that's it for the briefing we'll arrive at Remus 4 in ten hours. Everyone know what to do," Terri said "Dismissed"



Ended the JP as everyone seemed more interested in the baby rather than the briefing. Do we continue with the mission or go back to character development? Let me know.




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