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At the office - science

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 11:30pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Location: Science office
Timeline: just before slipping to quarters



Just outside the office before heading to his quarters, Arcos decided to enter to prepare a log entry to get the team ready for the mission. Sandra Smith was there.


"Hello sir,  I can get you a fresh cup of coffee or is there something else?  My parents are still trying to get me to go visit, but I told them that I won't come back and find a man till I get leave.  Besides there are plenty of available candidates here.  You know, why wouldn't someone want to move back to the colonies with me and start a family.  Six kids isn't that much, a strong growing family needs lots of kids.  I could even sow our wedding attire.  It would be so easy.  I could do it in a pinch.. oh wait well enough about me, you must be tired, can I get out of your way so you can sit down in that nice cozy chair.  Did you want coffee? oh wait I forgot I better let you speak.  I'll just be ready to jot down what ever it is you need doing."  She smiled, somehow managing to stop speaking she was rather sweet, but Arcos didn't have much time.  He was frustrated because he didn't want to feel a bit "shovey".  He liked her a lot and was actually attracted, but mostly he was a bit too high up, and he'd offer to match her up with Lieutenant Jg Wayne, but he already told him that she was not his type.  Although a little 'darker in the mold' and he might be 'right there interested'... or so he told him.

"Yes," sitting down.  "get the team this note, after which I will be heading to my quarters to rest for the big planning.  See that the essential personnel get the same idea as me." he paused for the note.


"All labs suspended.  Biochemistry labs to be routed with medical for hazard research.  Hazard lab to be active with only essential mission personnel granted access.  Environmental Science and meteorology are to work in the geology lab working on determining if the contagion can spread and how far from the colony is the risk.  I need a estimate on quarantine area. Ecology will look in to the watershed, water-supply, or any other risk of contamination to the development.  Biology is to work with ecology.  Botany will determine risk to plant life, if there something resilient for the Biochemistry team.  Biology will be accessing the Hazard lab after any animal life forms are found.  Forensic will use the Hazard lab in turn as all sample will not leave the Hazard lab.  Turon is on standby to assist the biochemistry efforts and any Hazard lab efforts she can or is willing to assist with.  Physics, geology, astronomy, cybernetics are active as normal.  The only thing about Geology is I want Ens Lovett to coordinate the Environmental Science effort and keep an eye on Ecology.  Alien Anthropology will look in to that old ruins.  Mostly to check the logs.  There are ruins, we need to know if someone went digging again.  If that culture had any sort of wide spread plagues that might correlate.  Lastly, there was a petting zoo. This means Biology will have a much easier job.  Biochemistry will need those life forms, and no doubt children there are younger hosts.  There may be something of a mixture of the animals to children, if there is a mutation there, biochemistry will be needing to find it.  We could be looking at an epidemic.  All personnel on planet will be wearing EV suits and undergo hazard decontamination procdedures.  Medical will probably brief them.  That is all.  Now get some rest well you can we arrive in less than 7 hours- Arcos out." he finished.


Sandra looked over a little pale, then said slowly... "I don't suppose you want me to inform medical..." almost startled she said nothing of small talk.


"yes please do.  Good luck reaching the medical bay, they are rather busy no doubt.  Hopefully Carter or Dr. Morgan will speak with you directly, otherwise... you know Administrative science attached to medical personally."


"Indeed. I'll give Carter a try first though."  She got over to the video comm channel and began to contact everyone and anyone from her desk which was rather much like everyone else's, but she had her own video comm station much like that in most personnel quarters.


Arcos exited toward his quarters. Upon reaching he made his birthday log.  Which was tomorrow.  He'd be too busy and probably planet-side with an EV suit for most of it.  A drink with Wayne and Shael and Turon may be postponed.




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