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Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur

Mission: Infection
Location: USS Tikal Lounge

Miranda sat by herself in the forward lounge, staring out at the stars, but her mind was not on the what she was seeing. Nor the activity around her. She held a barely touch glass of milk that had lost it chill and was fast reaching room temperature.

... Glancing around the room in the seedy bar and feeling the stares of the rumpled patrons who were down on their luck. Some still wearing the grimy clothes of the lower unskilled working class. The few haggard looking waitress that had seen better days, parading their natural assets under tight threadbare clothing, scurrying back forth between patrons carrying drinks to those that were drinking away their paychecks and the bar. The music was loud, but not loud enough to drown out the desultory conversation going between a few of the more sober patron complaining about their jobs and the wrongs heaped upon them.

She wanting to leave the depressing place as she definitely stood out amongst the patrons. But this was her only chance to see her father before she took off for the Academy....

She gave a slow blink as she stared unseeingly at the stars through the vast viewport of the lounge. She lifted the glass of tepid milk and took a few laps with her pink tongue at the tilted glass to get to the milk.


...Watching the old dirty tom in rags make his way through the room and leering at one of the waitresses as he bumped into chairs and patrons alike. She wrinkled her nose as she took a sip of her drink which had gone flat from barely drank from.

The tom finally reached her table and sat heavily onto the seat across from her. "Youse looking more more and more like yur momma, Kitten..."

Blinked once, then another blink, giving the old worn tom the look over. Catching the slow wink, relaxed as recognition of one of her daddy's disguises. "She deserved more than you." She spat back without the usual venom, yet keeping up the charade incase of unwanted attention. "I don't see why you don't clean yourself up and meet in a better place."

The old tom slumped back against the seat as if this was going to be another chewing out from a more successful relative. "If you was in my shoes..." He began only to be cut off by her.

"I'd shoot myself or jump in the river to end my miserable existence. Or clean up my act..." Same old tired argument. Tit for tat with interruptions before a sentence could be completed.

"Yeah yeah..just like that queen of your mother. Buy me a dri..." The old tom spoke leaning forward.

"What will it be? Poison." Came the sneered reply as she signaled the waitress to bring the old tom his nightly drink.

Old tom gave a snort of a laugh and broke out into heavy coughing which made her cringe back away from him as spittle flew, but never reaching her. "I slaved away to get you where ya are today missy. A little more respect." Breathlessly after the spasm had pasted.

"Rooting through garbage bins for that crusty maggot filled leftover bits of sandwiches?" Came the retort as she paid for the drink that was set before the old tom.

Old tom grabbed the drink before it even settled fully on the table and took a drink that nearly drained the somewhat dirt streaked glass. "Aaaahhhhh...Much better. Not much sooths ole throat nowadays."

A hand came to a rest on the old Tom's furry paw-like hand in the shadows of the booth away from prying eyes. Voice softens. "Missed you and wish you was home more often."

Ole Tom nodded as his eyes drooped to mere slits and murmuring, "Same here daughter. As soon as the Kzinti leave our homeworlds alone."

"I got accepted for the Officers Exchange Program with Federation Starfleet. I'll be flying one of their bigger ships." She murmured with a hint of pride and glint in her eyes...

Here she was on one of the most advanced warship of Starfleet. It wasn't like the good ole days and she enjoyed those clandestine meetings with her dad when she was part of the Caitian Defense Force.

She looked at the milk in her hands and sighed softly. She misses her time with her latest lover who was back on the Concordia Starbase.


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