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Terrance is preparing to go home

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 8:38pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye & Lieutenant JG Terrance Gaius

Mission: Infection
Location: Science Office
Timeline: just prior to birthday personal log



Terrance Gaius was a great alien anthropologist and archaeologist.  he had been on a few covert missions as well mostly because of his knowledge of Ingavi territory.  The whole thing was mostly known to Lieutenant Darye now, but at first the department thought he had pack up and just gone bananas and left angry.  His former mate was on board, so the rumor was they were feuding.  Quite the contrary, it was absolved she couldn't take it on the Ingavi station.  Terrance wanted to avoid going back initially, but with his son there, and his peoples desires he had already told Arcos that he was not going to ask to come back.  The Officer exchange would be an Ingavi some where else probably, but Arcos would tell him he would make arrangements to allow him to return if possible.


"Well I can't say I blame you Terrance.  Your people have a pretty primo station.  At the end of the next month I think your transport will arrive to get you.  At warp 7 you'll have a nice 6-8 months journey." Arcos paused.  "Of course you'll always be welcome here."  then said something he probably shouldn't have, "Of course with your ex-aboard you will probably have an easy time arranging it."


"well now.. you think she is my ex... i guess technically, we do occasionally discuss, but we are researchers.  Why she went to tactical? I can give you a clue... Me!" he went to shouting on that last exclamation. 


"Calm yourself, I am sorry.  We love your work, if your son wishes to see her, I am certain it can easily be arranged." Arcos said trying to work this through a bit.


"No it won't.  And yes he will.  But she and you are half way across the galaxy most of the time so don't expect US anytime soon."  Terrance said and started to exit.


"wait!" Arcos called out, "... I thought you should know we will be getting an officer to replace you, your assistant Petty officer starczy does a great job, but we need someone with four years there."


"She can handle it." he said muttering.


"Well, yes temporarily, but personnel will get someone soon."  Arcos said reasuring him.


"Don't need to.  She can handle it."  Terrance said again. waving his hand to gesture the pointlessness of another remark.


"of course we will look in to it.."  Arcos said having to say something to suggest Star fleet was very much still interested in the Ingavi being part of the exchange program.


"don't bother telling me, star fleet and their system of chain of commands.  I am going to give this uniform to my son for play time, thats about it." with that Terrance walked out and left Arcos to himself.


"Well that went well."  he said from his office, then headed to his quarters.




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