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The nurse

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 4:45am by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection



//--backlog just to tie in Arcos next pitch to Medical about Yuri, she has a two year nursing degree and is very intelligent, but always is kind of in the clouds about good looking young men. --//


"Yuri!" Arcos said he had just lost to Turon in chess and had happend to catch PO1 Sandstryl there outside the science office.


"Oh hi Arcos, say have you seen crewman Henry.  He's so cute I convinced him to come by and have lunch with me, but lunch is almost over and..."  Yuri started.


"Yuri.  You are an attractive woman, but Henry is on his first tour.  He probably is tritefully in his quarters wondering if he should even date yet.  please stop picking up the recruits."


"But he looks so handsome and sweet..."  Yuri started to melt away.


"Yuri."  Arcos quickly shouted.


Yuri snapped back into reality. "Yes um."


"Okay, well I did some research, Yi is going to try counseling for a half shift..."  Arcos started to bring to the point.


"oh good.  he is so good at that, you know he has a two year counseling certification."  Yuri said sweetly shifting off into her gossip cutting Arcos off.


Arcos cut back in getting to the point, "Yes, but I've done some research.  You have a two year nursing associates.  Would you like me to suggest to the medical bay to have you pull a half shift as well."


Floating off again, "Well... there are so many young attractive people in there sometimes, and I can heal them.  They will fall in love with me... sure."  Her heart melting.


"Yuri, I'll recommend, but thats probably not a good thing to do.."  Arcos started.


She cut in to reality, obviously having had this lecture a few to many times before. "yeah, thats why they had me get out of nursing.  I ended up in Geology.  I'd be in graduate school with that dreamy boy... well I guess he was too dreamy most of the exam days..."  She giggled.  "...sure I keep up to date on all of that.  Why I was practically a third year student when I was moved to geology."


"sounds wonderful, go get yourself a sandwich."  Arcos said.


she looked over, "Yup, I'll be eating that in the adjoint planning office.  Just like every stand up date!"  She stormed off.


Arcos shook his head, entered his office to find his associates gathered and the communications slash science officer standing there with information.




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