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The counselor

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 3:58am by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Timeline: prior to chess match #7-2



Arcos was in the messhall watching PO3 Davis and PO1 Yi talk to each other.  Davis still did his best to take off his visor at lunch time just so people would see his eyes.  Yi would explain that he is very much blind and that he is dependent on what hearing he has.   "Its gotten better." he explained to a young female crewman.  "He can hear you right now... believe me.  Just sit with us, an attractive young lady can tell him what you look like.  He used to know these things." He turned his attention to Davis, "I always bring you prime specimens."

"Extremely." Davis said, grinning... "I remember that Orion gal you tried to set me up with... I had to turn her away.  Something about her made me think she was a bit too active."

"Hey, don't say that! She is leaving." Yi said.  "we've worked on this."  The young crewman came back and sat down.


"I'll sit, but you are both way too old for me."  she was almost 22.  The two of them were getting kind of up there nearing the end of thier twenties.


"PO1 Yi." Arcos said walking over. "and PO3 Davis." He grinned.  "I see you both have signed on again for another tour.  I can only bet you two must have just gotten fond of star fleet and haven't left. Don't worry personnel will see you promoted a few times yet."


"Don't worry we both won't leave.  Terry will be here till he can stands no more, and I will be here till he goes."  Yi joked.  "We are regular lifers."


Davis frowned. "You should go finish the academy. You know they will not have any troubles."


Yi frowned back unnoticably to Davis, "You know I won't accept a commission unless you go get one yourself, besides you are my best friend.  I am here with you and we are here together as long as I don't go take that suggestion."


Davis started to boast about Yi, "You know he counsels me from time to time.  He has a two year certificate he took after his girl friend's brother died.  Funny thing is she never really liked him and told him so before he took the secondary course load.  The guy balanced Enviromental Geology and counseling at the same time.  Better believe it.  Whenever a crewmen needs help with something he's always turning that certificate to good use."  Yi stared out as Davis tried his best to look towards the young crewman.  His eyes were greenish blue.  She kind of looked up once rolled her eyes over to a young crewman that was handsome, than looked back up out of guilt.


"Baby dolly, he's a clever guy.  That muscle man might have the looks and that's okay.  How about tomorrow you introduce yourself to him.  In a week come back with your friends.  Know any older gals? we love you, but you don't have to sit here.  I only do this becuase Davis used to be a looker and brought in a lot of ladies."  Yi tried to console her. 

she smiled turned and looked at Yi, "I don't mind so much any more."


"awkward wasn't it?" Yi said. "No we aren't perves.  I just like to razz him about it, with that visor he can see you, but cannot see you.  Thats why he takes it off in here.  Kind of a joke."


"You do keep bringing them over.  Always honest about it too." A few young lookers waved at Yi from the bar and blew a kiss toward Davis.


Together in Unison they shouted, "Lunch time Davis."


Arcos looked over.  "Well... hmm it is impressive your score were always phenomenal when I read up on you they said you were nearly blind your third year and completed it with most of the staff and students just wanting you to finish." He turned to Yi.  "Well, a certificate in counseling isn't much, but counseling staff is overbooked usually.  I may go to the medical bay and just see if you could work a half shift giving you time for lunch with Davis here. That is, if it is okay with you."


"Sure.  I may need some counseling there myself.  I must be crazy, but I was still supposed to get out and go to grad school.  I must admit it, I was accepted and told them I wanted to explore a bit before finally settling in there.  When I was posted with Davis near the end of my tour, I signed up again.  We've been here aboard as long as you.  Of course this is star fleet. We all need counseling."


PO3 Davis laughed. Then joked, "They don't let the sane ones in."  the room lit up in laughter. 

"I gotta run guys, chess match with Turon.  Probably going to lose, but I need to ask her some questions."  Arcos took his sandwich and headed out. 

the two waved PO3 did his best to angle it right with the door. Then went back to schmoozing with the lookers at their lunch hour.





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