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Science double shifted

Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2017 @ 12:02am by Commander Lilly-Ann Morgan & Commander Terri Davis & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection

//--OOC: Two enlisted personnel of mine may come of use to you, as it turns out PO1 Yi has had a counseling certificate for some time.  PO1 Sandstryl as a two year nursing certificate...--//


OOC This JP is very confusing with all the tags. Can you please remove all the tags so we can respond? It's hard to respond the way you want us to as it is confusing. For example Terry Davis and Terri Davis??



 //--ooc: Intro--//

Arcos was in his office.  He was going over his reports and having decided Yi and Sandstryl both could use some practice with their skills they had prior to their life in star fleet he was about ready to walk to sickbay to offer their services to the medical department.  They both had agreed.  Yi was already a skilled counselor in the department, mostly with his younger crewmen that worked under him.  Arcos also saw him as a good friend to PO3 Davis, whom should have been an officer but couldn't finish the fourth year at the academy.  That was the year he could no longer hear or see entirely.

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//--ooc: entrence--//

Entering the medical bay. Arcos strode in looking for either Nurse Carter or Doctor Morgan.


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"Another thing, I have a geologist... my main geologist hes a rookie comparatively.  Smart guy, charismatic, vibrant... he has noticeably back pains, but I am more concerned that he came here trim and fit... well not real trim but fit.  He's gained a couple pounds, his back looks to be getting worse.  what should I do?  I can't order him here, and I can't tell him he's fat. Any Suggestions?" Exited for Commander Davis's planning room. 

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//--ooc entrence--//

Arriving at Commander Davis's office, "Commander..."


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"I know this is odd request, but a handsome fellow from our Geology department, is well... needing to see you."  Arcos started to make the request.  then caught himself. "Well... he won't be seeing you at all, well sort of he has a visor now.  Do you recall anything of Cadet Terry Davis at the academy who lost his sight and hearing and was later enlisted.  You have such a similar name... It must be confusing, to him especially." Arcos continued.


Terri shook her head "No I don't I never met him."


"well I'll do my best to explain.  He was a top notch geology science at the academy..." beginning, "...he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that was gradually claiming his ability to see." he paused.  "it is permanent." stopping, then looking down then up and exhaling, "its tough, because he's holding this against him.  At around year two he was noticeably having seeing problems, but he was very much a ladies man and charismatic.  Everyone loved him.  By the end of the year he was practically blind.  He struggled through year three being helped by staff, and other students.  This was before the surgery.  he finished year three but that was it, he lost his hearing too."


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"Yeah thats the thing.  Instead of year four, he was undergoing surgery and rehabilitation.  His intention to enlist kept him much part of Star fleet medical scene.  Otherwise he would have been mostly like a veteran affairs or civilian medicine." continuing, "Yes I know Star fleet would have operated.  He was one of ours, good marks mostly.  Anyways, he hears now.  Has the use of a visor mostly permanently.  Has adapted well... sort of.  He probably should be an officer.  He wont go back.  Petty officer Yi is his best friend and he won't quit re-enlisting until Petty officer Davis goes back or gives up. Pure Comrade. Anyways..."


He paused then started again. "Now, I just wanted him to meet you.  You handle personnel.  If he ever gets back to the academy, and I think he could... he would need a recommendation.  Not that is the issue.  I just wanted you to meet him."  Arcos said explaining a bit more.


"I cannot give a recommendation regarding someone I've never met or heard of," Terri answered


"I am not asking for that Commander, just talk with him. You'll come to know his excellence. He has a lot of growing up to do, but in many ways he's matured." Arcos said.  Pausing then starting again, "They've both signed up for another tour of duty, that makes at least two years at most four.  By then..." exhaling, "you will have done personnel reports on him and understand they both need to head that direction.  That is he, and Petty officer Yi." 


And then Arcos  went a little further to explain his intentions.  "well he.." pausing, "Cadet davis is Petty officer 3rd class now.  A fine geologist in the making.  If he works up the nerve to go back to academy we loose our Environmental Science, but he needs to get that graduate program out of the way... and he's pretty good at counseling." Arcos said scratching his head.  "the thing is, I don't want to lose either, but he's had a taste of star fleet.  My guess is he'll be back and running science department aboard some ship.  If Davis... that is Petty officer 3rd class is Ensign Davis, he'll do a top notch job, and you might be able to get me him back.  Chances are you could arrange for him to just attend that fourth year.  A year without Davis I can live with.  We'd just pull in another enlisted from somewhere."  Arcos continued.  "So what do you say? will you meet with him?"


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