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Turon goes active again

Posted on Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Timeline: //--backlog--//



//-- backlog to tie in why Turon is Lieutenant Junior grade --//

Seated before an admiral board, Retired rear-admiral Turon stands to make her request to return to active duty.

The head of the board enters the room, and his liaison stands and says. "Admiral Turon you may be seated."


As Turon sits down, the Admiral relays. "This is an odd request.  You will be granted return to service, but first we must relay the formalities of your request."  he paused. "Vulcan Science Academy Commander Turon wishes to reinstate her commission to star fleet after years of service as medical, science, and intelligence for her quantum solar singularity lifeforms studies.  Our board has found the request illogical, but her attachments to Star fleet are common amongst Vulcan whom have served with humans for extended lengths of time. It is our duty to inform you in a prudent manner of this highly illogical request..." He skipped down to the point.  "Turon, you were an admiral and requesting science posting aboard a ship of cutting edge equipment.  You cannot be an admiral, which to my amazement is of no-consequence to your career minded goal.  You realize you are not requesting command of the department and are looking at reduction to Junior officer.  That is a very odd request to be reduced from Flag officer to junior officer.  Is this truly your desire."


"it is my hope to be unnoticed and be kept available to my work.  I will endeavor to allow my abilities in stellar cartography to assist.  Should there ever be the need for my services I will be aboard.  A lower junior officer has its place of never needing to take charge unless it is imperative. Lieutenant Junior grade is exceptional in for this directive.  I only ask for a science vessel capable of my tasks.  A nebula is preferred, and the Tikal is within acceptable range."


"Very well.  As this moment Rear Admiral Turon is reduced in rank to Lieutenant Junior grade... temporarily, and to serve as stellar cartography on board the USS Tikal with astrophysics lab access granted without restriction except per usual command level or medical prerogative.  Meeting is adjourned."


"Lieutenant you may exit" relayed the liaison acting as sergeant of arms.




//-- backlog - ties up that Turon was actually an admiral, noted here at the science department attached to the academy.  I will also say she had command of a science ship for sometime.  It will be a Miranda class starship and also an Oberth class before finally accepting her admiralty after no nebula class was available. --//


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