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Chess grouing #1-2

Posted on Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 @ 5:17pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Location: rec hall
Timeline: backlog



Gathered in the recreation room were the three science administrative personel, Lieutenant jg Timothy Wayne, Lieutenant Jg Shael, and Lieutenat Arcos who was chief of science.  They were all seated around the chess table which sat empty.


"So how did it go?" Arcos asked.  The board sitting motionless and without play.


"I am unaware of what it is refering to." Shael relaying, "Please specify, is this statement refering to a chess match with Turon or something of department nature?"  she asked.


Arcos smiled and said, "well I just gathered you here to see how you are doing of course.  The next sessions will just be chess matches of course.  Our science objectives will be discussed during our normal hours."  He paused revealing his plan.  "here is where we can team up to come up with a game winning plan."

"Game winning plan?" Shael said a bit confused.


"It means Arcos wants to win." Lt jg Wayne answered for him.


"Not only win, I want you two to have chess matches incorporated as part of your studies for administrative improvements."


"we are going to lose." Timothy Wayne said, then. "Every time." 


Shael just looked at him with one eye brow raised.  Then she said, "It is logical that our improvement will bring benefits to our science endeavors, I was nearing mastery at a young age.  However, judging by Turon's skills I'd say she is equivalent of grandmaster aboard this ship."


"Figures."  Wayne said shortly.


"Here's the thing, she learned a bit from Ambassador Spock early on.  Otherwise she would be just like Lieutenant Shael, except with some things considered she aged and has been playing more than Lieutenant Shael... We might enlist our new commer, but he'd be more of match for you Shael..."


Wayne said unexcited, "Go figure..."


"He was very well respected at the Vulcan science academy." Shael relayed.


Arcos pipped in, "...and a fine career."   Then moving to directive, "What ever reason he is here, our fortune.  Wayne, you and Shael should play.  She is a Vulcan, you are Human.  Still a good match.  This will give you some practice.  But yes, you both probably have no chance against Turon."


"Thats why I am not looking forward to our next rematch..." Wayne replied.


"Talk to her.  She is well revered has seen more than a lieutenant should.  Just talk to her.  She is getting old, and was not always a lieutenant.  need I say more."  Arcos hinted.


"It was her choice to return to star fleet and accept rank reduction to serve aboard the Tikal" Shael replied. "it was neither prudent nor logical to return, but there is something oddly common about her attachment to star fleet."


"Yes well.. remember you can do what ever today, it is our lunch hour.  I am going to eat my sandwich."  Arcos said turning his attention to his lunch.  The two looked at each other and began to play.




//-- Backlog that sets the mood for second meeting of chess group.  Now we learn that Turon has accepted demotion to return to star fleet aboard the Tikal as an officer rather than conduct her studies as a member of the Vulcan science academy.  I will do backlog soon about this,  I think I would have her last science officer rank be around Commander. --//


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