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Chess match #7-2

Posted on Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 @ 7:09am by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Location: reck hall
Timeline: //-backlog - prior to last log -//



Arcos was in the recreation hall seated beside Lieuteant Junior grade Turon, whose rank was arbitarily given after having been placed aboard the Tikal for her chosen research and to keep an eye on science.  She had been part of intelligence for sometime, the vulcan science academy, was now in charge of stellar cartography and is quite a chess player.

"So you haven't told me how was the matches with Lieutenant Shael." Arcos asked moving a peice taking a pawn.


"I told you she lost all three matches."  Turon replied taking a knight.


"And?" Arcos said pausing with his hand on a rook.


"She lost all three matches." Turon replied. "Was there something wrong with your ability to percieve my remarks?" raising a brow.


"No... No.. but how did she do?" he said moving the rook into position to guard a bishop.


"That is an odd question.  Perhaps..." she exhaled deeply, moved her piece to block his queen.  "I understand now.  In the years of our chess matches and time amongst humans I should have gathered you are not looking to provide them with stimulation but rather to see if a Vulcan of your department may beat me.  Very well, i will tell you this." she paused.  "She is young.  Moves logically, but can not deduce tactics yet which I had gathered from my time amongst players such as Ambassador Spock."


"Oh..." he groaned moved a peice taking her rook."


She moved her queen into position and said, "check".  "Is there anything else?"


"Can you tell me anything of Lieutenant Sezar?"  Arcos asked.


"he is an excellent match up, but doubtful that he will fair better than Shael, except that he may prove more successful in his own endevors amongst cultures."  Turon replied. than, "it is your move."


Arcos moved a peice to put himself out of check. "No I mean who is he?"


"He is well reknowned from the Vulcan science academy and was highly honored at the acedemy."  She said moving once again into check.


"I know that, can you tell me why he is aboard the ship?" Arcos asked.  Bringing his king behind the pawn and out of check.


"That is unknown."  She moved her bishop into place and said, "Check mate."


Arcos groaned.  "You win."


"I believe you will be sending me Wayne for our second round of three matches.  I hope you find your lunch from your office to be equally," pausing for the right word, "Enjoyable."  She began to reset the board and started to get up.

"Wait." Arcos said. he touched her elbow.


"Is there something more?"  She asked.


"Can you at least tell me something more?" Arcos begged of her.  He died to know why a lieutenant of his caliber wouldn't have at least asked for associate positioning. To this date he simply accepted all tasks assigned and was favorable to no particular duty.

"He was an associate member on a small department of personnel assignment in the starfleet science.  They are tasked with routing personnel during emergency situations. Now I must go, my research is quite pressing and star logs are being surveyed most of my second shift."

"ok.  well I'll send Wayne to you next lunch hour.  You can get that research done now if you want.  Good luck." Arcos said.


She raised an eyebrow still unaccustomed with all her years with humans to that phrase.  It was still meaningless to her at first, but Spock had clarified during their small chess lessons that it simply was a human well wishing that meant mostly acknowledged. "Understood."  she exited leaving arcos to his sandwhich to which he sat and ate with a glass of milk.




//--backlog: to clarify where Arcos had known about Sezar.  And also to give the last loss before Wayne takes a stab at three chess matches.  I probably won't do a log for that.  Just to show that every month Arcos gives Turon 3-4 days to herself. He plays 7 matches, and then Lt jg plays 3. Then Arcos plays her 7 matches and then Wayne plays Turon 3 times. To note the three work on those 4 days to see who can defeat who.  Shael gives Arcos more of a challenge, but Wayne is still a match.   After the last loss he showed dis-interest.  To which I will do a back log about one of those 4 day training/playing sessions.--//



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