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Science redirect

Posted on Sun Apr 23rd, 2017 @ 6:28am by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Location: science office
Timeline: //--prior to previous personal log--//



 A Vulcan he had only seen a few times stood before him, along side him was another vulcan female and more familiar, and a human familiar of course too.  "Look, Sezar...." Arcos said turning his head to his two associates of science Shael and Wayne, "...I don't know why star fleet sent me you to watch over me, but I cannot understand why our biochemists are being routed to medical without any standing orders from above."

"When it is prudent I will inform you the details."  Sezar started. "I cannot go further at this time, my assignment here as science officer is only to route quicker commands to the USS Tikal science department and I will not intrude on any other decisions."

"Wait a minute... you... you" Wayne said starting then stopping.  He was flabbergasted that star fleet was not only placing a top notch science officer aboard, but that he was being the mission facilitator above his friend Arcos and without any word.

Shael turned over and said, "It would be wise to follow Sezar issued directive.  He is well known to be highly respected in the Vulcan science academy."


Wayne looked over, " Highly respected?  Is that all you can say? Highly respected? what kind of non-sense is that.  The man boards at the last resupply as a senior science research, now he's giving personnel orders and has no intentions of assuming command of the department...what in the hell is this.."

Arcos cutt him off, "Enough.  Sezar is...well known to be part of the emergency star fleet science administrative directive.  I thought this was a step to take a break from that.  Obviously... I was wrong.  Sezar."  He paused.  "Lieutenant Sezar you have some odd friends, what ever this is, I grant your change in the duty roster, but please some warning next time."

"The lack of notification Lieutenant, was not of in error.  The word was reached two hours ago and the three of you were only due to arrive here at this hour."  Lt Sezar replied.  He looked over at Shael who turned to speak.


"Understood.  If there is nothing more, I must return to the lab.  There is an evaluation of one of the senior crewmen aspiring to check out on equipment safety requirements for the next quarter."  Shael spoke very Vulcan like.  She was emotionless yet exaggerated some words to annunciate properly in a typical Vulcan female manner.


"You are free to go Lieutenant." Arcos said as the Shael promptly exited with the typical door hissing manner.  "Lieutenant Sezar, you may return to your duties."  He continued as Sezar nodded and exited.  Arcos looked over at Wayne.  "If there is anything on your mind, I have to clean up this office and head to the bridge for a briefing.  I can already tell they will call me...  I might have two hours," He paused, " maybe three."


Wayne looked over, "well now that you mentioned it.  The coffee is horrible today.  Aside from that I don't like Sezar upping the chain.  Technically he outranks me, but technically.. you, me and Shael should be in charge."  Wayne said setting his own pads down on his own desk.  There were three of them there.  Shael's looked untouched.  The simple dividers were not much, and even though the ship was rather state of the art, science offices kind of had a lesser arrangement, they had a minor wall between them, but no door.  Wayne walked out of his area and sat down in one of the two chairs before Arcos who had walked over and started cleaning up his area.


"You have charge of him technically yes Wayne, but think of it this way..." Arcos paused. Then started again, "...He is a former associate of a division that handles the task of quickly re-assigning science personnel in the event of a catastrophe."


Wayne said quickly. "I know that..." Arcos cut him off.


"He has friends..." Arcos paused briefly, "contacts." he paused again ever so slightly to correct himself, "Contacts that want us to give our biochemists to medical for the next 28 days or until pending notice."


"So what do we do?" Wayne asked.


"Give medical our biochemists."  Arcos replied catching a frown and a confused look on Wayne's face.


"As always you have charge equal with Lieutenant Shael, and I have charge over you."  Arcos said clarifying, "Before now he obeyed our directives without any challenge.  There is no evidence to suggest he will do so unless whomever calls him up again."

"So what if they do call again? what do you suppose would happen if.." Wayne started.


Arcos quickly cut him off there, "Tim.  We do what we must, and he handed me a PADD with high ranking clearance directive signed by the head of that science division.  We got a friendly thank you for obliging."

"Friendly thank you? PADD? Signature" Lieutenant Jg Shael said utterly confused.

"On my desk."  Arcos pointed. "I just found it, and it says he will have his former associate member inform the senior science personnel at earliest availability."


Wayne looked up, "But no word as to why..."


"No." Arcos cut wayne off again.


"Oh." Wayne said.


"Now I got some cleaning to do before I am called to the bridge.  I can almost be certain I will get an answer there.  Share I will, but only if I may." Arcos paused, "and... I will enjoy watching you loose to Turon this time as I lost now seven times in our chess stretch." Arcos laughed, "So get ready to loose your three times"


"Oh.. that time of the month..."  he paused walked toward the door.  "...Can't say I look forward to that."  Wayne exited with the usual 24th century door hiss following.


Arcos grinned, cocked his head and said, "Hey.  Sooner or later my associates will prove something of a challenge to her."  He went back to work cleaning before making his log.


//-- back log -- personal log should be amended, but is there just the same. OOC: I enjoyed writing this Shael reminds me of T'pol, Wayne of Bones.  Turon is Vulcan so Shael and Turon will be a better match up, but remember Turon is older and is stellar cartography.  This is why she never looses.  you get pretty good at survey the board when you survey the stars.--//


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