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Bring Science up to speed

Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2017 @ 12:02am by Commander Lilly-Ann Morgan & Commander Terri Davis & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Timeline: Just after leaving science office

ooc: Arcos needs to be briefed.  Someone?  invite others if you want.


ooc-2: Not sure what is going on with the current mission, it's badly stalled. I'll give it an attempt to re-start it.


ooc-3: Yes it is about a sickness aboard Remus 4 that swept through and killed everyone.  My biochemists are being directed to medical. If we can get medical on board the mission should go smoothly.   I am not a biochemist, but science can assist.  We will probably be there as field medics/medical assistants, besides that's a ship with logs for security, and science operations were aboard.  That may be a start for me to play round-up on their lab research and science sensor logs.  EV-suit city.  Biochemists: Lt jg Gladimus + Ens Usui... I think I can write for Usui with Amarith playing Gladimus.  More joint logs that way... but if we get Dr. Morgan in on it we have a mission.


I Added her to the JP. If you've forgotten what the mission is let me know.




Lt Darye was in the lab after being called up to the bridge. He tapped.  "On my way."  Unaware other than that there was some of his department being routed to medical Arcos left the office.  He walked swiftly, but not running as the urgency was only the request to report.


Terri looked up as the science chief entered the briefing room, "Lieutenant please have a seat."

 "Ah yes." He took a seat.  "I know already some of my team is being pulled to medical, so I am anxious to see what is a foot." He paused briefly. "I apologize for the abruptness. I will be more reserved in the future, sir." Sitting patiently.  Pondering if he had the team to pool his associates into.  He knew the roster needed some work, but his task was only to point out candidates for the associate positions.  Executive officer was the official personnel officer.




OOC: just make something up... in between  I will only do it for entrance and exit now on. below is my EXIT: 


"Ok.  I will head to the bridge.  I haven't pulled bridge duty in awhile and even though I might poke around at secondary science to see whats aboard as far as research.  I'd like to just kind of get focused on things... see if we can locate a zoology lab for samples in animals.  That would give Petty officer Solistra and Petty officer Moy Synathni something to look forward to." 




"Aye sir." exits for bridge.  After arriving to the bridge, Arcos saw some of the familiar faces there on the bridge.


Jacqueline who was head of security  needed to be brief as well. "So what are the latest developments?"


"We're about ten hours from the planet present speed. Once we get there I'll want a full sensor sweep of the planet, considering what our orders are, we'll need to make sure it's safe for an away team," Terri said


"Interesting, I can will be watching from back here for a couple hours.  I want to be refreshed before my science team beams down."  he paused.  "If I go... or someone else does, I will be awake some good chunk of time." Goes back to monitoring the station, knowing the planet scan was pretty much ops job, however he would get a report to monitor and send to Biochemistry already working with medical.  He wondered about his forensics officer.  CPO Kelligan was kind of estranged but he would certainly beam down once he could.  There were going to be plenty of bodies.



OCC So very confusing cant we jp do normal JP's and tag with the flow. Im not into being told when, where and how to post nor having my character placed or directed





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