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Precedences and Accidences

Posted on Tue Jan 17th, 2017 @ 12:00am by Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: Infection
Location: Quaters -> Science office
Timeline: Just prior to "Infection" meeting.



“Lieutenant Shael to Lieutenant Darye…” came the call over the communications frequency from Lieutenant JG Shael.   Arcos wondered what the call was; he was already pressed for time to get to the bridge.  He was just exiting his quarters with his reports for the mission upcoming in hand. 

Arcos tapped his comm. Badge hoping that whatever it was, that it be swift. “Acknowledge Shael, is there anything I can do to delay our meeting, I am needed on the bridge in 10 minutes time?”

“Negative, it’s an accident report that needs your signature… can we meet in your office?” Shael relayed over the comm., Arcos knew well that the report was going to take precedence, and anyone hurt could result in someone on the team be reprimanded or worse.

‘Of course, it must have been not terrible. ‘he thought to himself “Very well… was anyone hurt?”Arcos asked systematically, fully reasoning that the situation was minor but probably had someone injured.  He was trying to get to the assessment of the situation.  It was mostly his desire to get the details swiftly, take action, and record the results to offer to the ships XO.

Shael replied giving Arcos a bit of relief. “Not severely… just a few bumps and bruises… our glass washer thought the beaker was glass and dodged a fall…” 

“And?, Was anyone else hurt?” Arcos said trying to reach the end of the story, already pressed for time.  Realizing that it was minor, he knew he’d be late to the bridge for the meeting.   There was not much time left, more than likely he would be late.   Fortunately, the new recruit at most was just going to need to be hosed down in the chemical shower or eye wash.

“Well.. The Lab master walked in reading his log entry and slipped landing on the floor...”  Shael replied, and Arcos knew full well there was now going to be two + people hurt on the report, a maintenance team, and more than likely a re-do on the experiment.

“Oh…” Arcos sighed again.  “Make sure to get the medical team there to document the injuries, I guess I’ll be running late to the bridge.  I’ll meet you in the main science office for the approval of your report.”  Arcos was going to head to the bridge after the meeting with Lt shael.

“Aye sir,  Shael out.”  Finishing the comm. Message, and Closing the channel.

Arcos looked up and rolled his eyes, “Another great day on the way.”  He sighed, and then said “That’s my job!”


Lt Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Tikal A


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