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Getting back onboard

Posted on Sat Mar 18th, 2017 @ 12:10am by Commander Terri Davis & Captain Charles Atwood & Commander Raez Vol & Lieutenant Commander Davros

Mission: Infection
Timeline: Concurrent



< Tikal Engine Room >

Lt Commander Davros instantly came to attention as his new engineering chief returned to duty. Himself slated to take the chief's slot, word immediately came down from top brass that Commander Vol was to resume duty aboard the Tikal.

It had not been that long that Commander Terri Davis had commanded engineering but recent promotions and reassignments now had her serving as this ship's new XO. Requiring that a definite officer relieve her at that station.

=/\= Engineering to Bridge, this is Commander Raez-Vol. I have arrived and am conducting my inspection of this training crew.  Lt Commander Davros has been made aware of the crew reassignment and has accepted the offered position to serve as assistant chief. " the Haliian offer reported to the XO.

Terri tapped her com-badge "Welcome home commander and that is good news. Tell him that I know he's more than qualified to take care of engineering but if he has any questions to let me know."

" Will do Commander. I am on my way to the bridge to report to the Captain." Vol replied.

Charles was notified by the computer that the new Chief Engineer was onboard when the chime of his office sounded.

"ENTER", said the CO 

Terri looked up as the new chief engineer entered the ready room.

As he stood from his desk to meet his new officer, he knew this will be a competent officer and one that he could depend on. 

" I must apologize for my being late. I was recalled to Omicron base for reassignment. I have been fully versed on this ships schematics and have begun some pre-refit ." Raez added.

"If you need any help let me know, and welcome back," Terri said.

" Thank you Commander." Raez replied.

"Your Reputation proceeds you as always, I look forward to work with you Mr.", Charles answered

 "As do I," Terri answered

 "Ok now I'd like to discuss the department assignments, Terri, you as the last department chief and you cdr as the newest", said Charles "Please speak freely"



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