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The begining

Posted on Fri Jan 27th, 2017 @ 5:20pm by Captain Charles Atwood & Commander Terri Davis & Commander Raez Vol & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Commander Jacqueline Kotta & Commander Lilly-Ann Morgan & Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Arcos Darye & Chief Warrant Officer Diane Shannon

Mission: Infection
Location: Uss Tikal's Bridge
Timeline: Present



Charles looked around, it has been a long time since he had been stationed at this fine ship. Lot's of things had happened, people had died, and here they where once again out patrolling. 

He looked at his side and said to his new promoted XO, CDR Davies "So what is our next step on the patrol?"

Terri consulted a PADD to make sure she had the information right. "We received a  message to report to a remote outpost called Remus Four. They have had several deaths after consuming food brought in from an outside source. Their scientists have discovered that the food has been genetically altered and it alters the DNA of the person who eats it. They begin to change. But whatever they are supposed to change into isn't compatible with human structure and they end up dying a horrible, painful death as their bodies end up consuming themselves, leaving only their skin. They end up looking like deformed, deflated creatures. It will be up to us to find out what or who is responsible for the genetically food, what outside source has brought it to them. How correct the DNA change and how we're going to stop it. That's the message I received. Captain we need to help these people and see what the cause is."

Miranda entered the bridge and moved to the helm to check up on the current helm officer. It was good to be back aboard the Tikal and the prep it was going through for its next assignment.  She gave a nod to both the Captain and the new XO when she took notice of them.

Lilly had woken up with a migraine and still had one, her eyes were puffy and her neck stiff, she knew coffee was not the best thing but her foul mood would not be improved by lack of it so she had replicated a large strong black coffee with extra sugar before heading on up to the bridge. Lilly walked out of the lift and tried to avoid eye contact.

"Helm how fast can we get there?" Terri asked as she looked at Lilly "Doctor are you okay?"

Lilly looked up " Just a visit from a nice big migrane, nothing to worry over."

Instead of Lt Commander Davros, Commander Raez-Vol entered the bridge and assumed his position at engineering.

" Commander Davis the warp drive is at optimal performance. All speeds through transwarp are available." Vol commented.

"Very well Cdr Blackfur... Set course to our next mission, warp 6", said Charles.

"Complying," Cdr Blackfur went to work inputting the destination and plotting the fastest course to the Remus Outpost. "4 hours and 34 minutes."  She spoke as she locked the programmed course, "Ready at your command."

"ENGAGE!", answered the Captain. 

"Medical I'm going to need you to have triage units set up as well as quarantine until we know what we're dealing with. Science we'll try to get you a sample of what ever this is," Terri said.

Lilly looked round " Consider it done Commander, Trage units, quarantine and emergency filed teams will all be made ready."

Commander Jacqueline Kotta walked in as she had her PADD in her hand. Keeping quiet for a moment, she thought about all the changes lately. She was hoping for her own ship but she had received word that she needed more time. The last few missions she had been on showed she has the potential but the issue of a husband missing in action still was a liability for any ship if she ever was given charge.  "Security and Tactical are ready."

"Good," Terri answered "Your the best."

At the command to engage, Miranda moved the ship onto the course and once at a safe distance, engaged the warp drive. The stars streaked and disappeared into fast moving dots as the Tikal shot through space at Warp 8.

"Very well", said Charles outloud "Number one you have the bridge"

 "Understood captain," Terri replied

 Answering the comm, "This is Lieutenant Darye, I am delayed to the bridge on some updates on accident reports, maintenance scheduling." He sighed, "Just a bit of an accident in one of our labs... I will be there in 15 minutes, i have read the reports on mission parameters. I promise I'll be there as soon as I can".

"Update from my department to all," Jacqueline said, "Commander Amarith is  still enjoying her maternity leave as she enjoying the new baby. For me, I am here as long as you want me. I have been reviewing the comings and goings of the personnel and I see that Arima Gladimus is pregnant with a little girl for Miranda. Arima is staying at the Concordia base as a precaution as her child is going to be special in more ways than one as both parents will be mothers."

Miranda gave a ghost of a smile that appeared quickly and disappeared, as soft purr emitted from her. She knew of Arima's condition and by that was sacred, they had an argument that almost brought Security running about having Arima stay behind at Concordia. She shook lightly with silent laughter as true emotions ruled that day, taking measure of each others commitment towards each other. She made an adjustment to the course. 

Lilly smiled hearing all this she was pround of all that was being accomplished on the ship and proud of the new parents and parents to be. Now she had to turn her full attention toward working with the medical labs on the new problem at hand.



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