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Chatting With a Friend

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2017 @ 3:32am by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones

Mission: Infection
Location: Respective Offices via Subspace
Timeline: Concurrent

Admiral Jade opened the personal channel to Commander t'Jones... her familiar image appeared on the viewscreen.  Moriah was one to rarely wear a uniform unless the need called for it.  She had just finished her morning Tai Chi and sat down at her desk to read reports and drink a cup of tea.  But to her, it was important to touch base with friends across the Federation.  She had lived a very long time... and knew that often a chance for a friendly hello could be lost to eternity.  The Admiral was still pretty banged up from her last mission... classified... she was lucky to be alive and just wanted to reach out to someone familiar.

"Good morning Amarith," Jade said warmly as the image of her friend appeared on the monitor.

Amarith who was recouparating after giving birth to a little girl was pleased to see her friend. "Jade, I mean Admiral, guess you heard. I gave birth to a little girl named Ellen a couple of weeks ago."

She waited for Jade's response. "Oh I am just fine and the baby," she said as she felt relaxed, "Doctor had to give me medication because my adrenalin spiked. I will be okay," she said as she pointed the camera to the baby girl. "Hope this is a personal call because I am on maternity leave. I am at my husband's estate on Earth."

After Jade's response. Amarith sighed.

"Well, I will probably be here for awhile," Amarith said with serenity. "The doctors are worried about my adrenaline kicking back up, so I am having stress free fun in the sun, going to the beach and relaxing. Might be awhile before I shed off some of these pounds but right now, I will just be enjoying motherhood. Feel free to come by if you like and bring Admiral Monroe and her husband if you like."

After that, Amarith enjoyed her maternity leave a little longer.

 OOC:  Change it a bit. I am here for you if you need to escape reality.


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