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Quantum Chance

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2014 @ 12:21am by Fleet Admiral Paul Jones & Captain Charles Redex Senior & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Lieutenant Aurora
Edited on on Tue Feb 25th, 2014 @ 12:22am

Mission: R&R
Location: IRW Honor Blade
Timeline: Day after the wedding in the late afternoon

“Amarith,” Romulan Liviana Charvonek said from the bridge of the Romulan Ship Honor Blade, “You ready for the Admiral to take you and the Commander with his wife for a spin around the block?”

“I wouldn’t call a little cruise in the Admiral’s yacht a spin around the block,” Amarith said giving Liviana a look. We just be gone for a couple of hours and then we will back before you know it. Lt. Aurora will be coming with us as well.”

“Well Peterak and I will be monitoring from our Tactical and Security Stations,” Liviana replied feeling envious of her step daughter.

“I want a full scan before we go before we go,” Amarith asked. “I shall see you in thirty minutes with the Admiral, our commanding officer and my best friend and my new friend Aurora.”

“We shall see you back in thirty,” Amarith said giving Amarith the nod to go get things ready.

Amarith went back to check on the others to see if everything was ready for departure.

While she was gone, Peterak ordered his crew to start running a full scan sweep of the area. While they were doing it, Liviana was observing the screens as she saw a little blip. “Peterak, you need to take a look at this.”

Peterak came to the screen she was looking at. “Most interesting, it looks like some tachyon quantum particles. Run further…” All of a sudden it disappeared. “Where did it go?”

“It was here just a moment ago,” Liviana answered. “I run the scan again. I sure hope this has nothing to do with the subspace tunnel we had created to get here.”

They kept running scans trying to find the anomaly again but it never showed up again. Finally they got the call from the Admiral.

"This is Rear Admiral Paul Jones onboard the SS Great Wall... Please Acknowledge", said Paul

“Sir,” Romulan Commander Peterak speaking for the group, “We had a little anomaly twenty eight minutes ago but it has not shown up for twenty seven minutes Sir. It looks like it is gone now.”

"Thanks Commander" Answered Paul and then said to the rest of the bunch "Shall we investigate?"

“Whatever you want Paul,” Amarith said, “Let us just be weary of any holes in space.”

Nikki buckled herself into her seat and smiled at Chuck.

Aurora was secured into her own seat. For the moment she just listened to the conversation. It gave her good insight into many different things. At the moment she hoped that wouldn't be needed.

"Very well we should go and Investigate before we proceed on our trip", said Paul and looked as the rest of the bunch noded

Amarith said as she buckled up, “Well like Liviana called our little trip, let us have our spin around the block. They say the Nebula in the next hour will like you say have a view that will only come for another eleven months. So let us see what the big fuss is all about. It only happens every eleven months. Seems it keeps getting weaker and might only three maybe two times again.”

"This is exciting," Nikki said. "From what I've read the Nebula is incredible to see."

"Yeah I've heard that as well," Aurora replied. "I'm looking forward to an incredible sight."

"Me Too", said Chuck

“Docking clamps have been unfasten,” Peterak answered, “You are all good to go.”

“Look at the view of the lights,” Amarith said acting like she had never seen it before which was true. “It is like the Aurora Borealis coupled the way the Bajoran Black Hole when it opens up.

“Uh Paul,” Amarith said, “You better stay away from port side. We are having a ripple in the fabric of time opening up. The tachyon quantum particles coming from that anomaly is causing a problem. We need to return to base.”

Aurora didn't like what she was hearing. It set off several internal alarm flags but she did her best to appear calm even if things looked bad.

As they were scanning the anomaly unfolded and sucked them into it they stood there without a posibility to act against it

“LIVIANA!” Peterak exclaimed loudly, ‘WHERE DID THEY GO?”

“I do not know Peterak,” Liviana was saying worrying. “They are not here anymore. Heim can you get a reading?”

Heim ran the scan then he saw something that was weird. “Commander Peterak, the craft is there. I am picking it up now but it is having a hard time coming back.”

“Liviana,” Peterak said clinching his fist. “Use the tractor beam. USE IT NOW!”

Liviana did as she was ordered and it look so odd as the shuttle was being pulled back to this reality. Finally the Admiral’s shuttle came back but it look very damaged. They ran the scans on it as they were trying to open hailing frequencies.

“Commander Peterak,” a Romulan officer on the bridge said, “We are picking up extra life signs.”

“What,” Peterak said, “Are the five still there?”

“Yes but there are…” the officer was about to say until the sound of the Admiral come on the speaker.

"This is RADM Paul to CDR Peterak... Stardate if you please?", said Paul

“Yes Admiral and the year is 2390,” Liviana said trying not to laugh, “All of you have only been gone for about six minutes. What happen on the other side?”

“Not yet,” Amarith interjected, “But you will all know soon enough.”

All of a sudden they heard the sounds of babies crying.



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