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Pretty Woman

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2014 @ 9:39pm by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Captain Addison Blaire

Mission: R&R
Location: The Athena Hliton
Timeline: After Love Under the Sea

Amarith and Paul finally checked into their honeymoon suite in the underwater hotel called the Hilton Athena. After doing what honeymoon couples do in a suite, Amarith became a good wife so Paul could get caught up on the progress of the mission of the Tikal. The plan was for Amarith and Paul to catch another ship in a few days that will be going to the Hades planet. They did find out that Nikki will be making the trip back with them when they do.

Strolling the stores of the Hilton Athena, she did what every wife would do and that was buy outfits for later. She was feeling like she was Julia Robert in Pretty Woman trying all so many outfits. Also like the character Vivian, she brought a few items for her husband.

While she trying on an outfit, she could over hear a conversation in the next room how at the Starfleet underwater base nearby, there were several officers a few days ago who got themselves in trouble stealing some of the artifacts from the bottom of the ocean. All the sculptures, vases, stoneware and other items which had been preserve over the centuries had to remain there out of reverence to the past.

Amarith decided ask one of them more on what happened as she and another woman were looking at the mirrors trying on their dresses.

“Oh all I can say,” the woman said acting like she did not want to spread gossip but in reality, Amarith knew this woman really wanted to say what transpired, “There was a few science officers, an engineering officer and a few other officers were caught with some Ancient Greek and Egyptian artifacts. The curator of the underwater museum busted them good.”

“So did they find any replacements for the officers?” Amarith said as she smiled at the outfit she had picked out.

“I think they did but not sure,” the woman said. “If you go scuba diving or anything, just be sure you do not steal anything.”

Amarith could feel the tone the woman said as she kind of was acting like a snob now as she felt Amarith would actually steal something. “Oh probably will not going scuba diving. I am here on my honeymoon.”

The woman was doing one of those high class looks like she wanted to make sure Amarith’s social status was not above hers. “Oh I bet you married well because these suites cost a good bit of latinum.”

“Oh I will never ask my husband how much he pays for anything,” Amarith said.

“Oh I always do,” the woman continued acting like a snob, “Do not worry, I am sure your family was proud that you married up.”

“My mother was very proud who my husband was and if my father was alive today, he would approve of my choice,” Amarith said as she did not want to play this game with this woman of who is better.

At that moment, a good friend of Amarith walked in to the store. It was one of her former captains from a previous ship. Amarith turn to see Captain Addison Blaire walk in. “Captain,” Amarith said as she wanted to keep her humility, “Are you here with your husband as well?”

“Amarith,” Addison said with a delightful look, “Yes, the Admiral and I come here often. Very romantic and I love the shops.”

Addison who had the Betazoid curse of where she could not turn off of her mind reading could tell from Amarith’s thoughts as well as the other woman what was transpiring, so she decided to put the woman in her place. “I was telling my husband this morning,” she said smiling because she was really speaking the truth on this and not making it up, ”It was great how an Admiral’s daughter married an Admiral herself. You being a true Olympian, heroine of many missions in space and a lady in your own right. It was great to see your stepmother last night as she was commending how proud she was of you.”

The woman who felt she was better than Amarith decided to make up a story. “Well, I must go now. I am off to see my husband the Baron. You two ladies take care.”

Addison chuckled a bit. “Oh yes. Lt. Cmdr. Baron Thomas. So are you still spending every piece of latinum he makes. You should be a shame of yourself. Your husband risks his life and works hard only to find out when he comes back from missions, he is constantly in debt.”

The woman was appalled Addison would say this. “And how do you know all of this?”

“I am sure he has spoken of me. I am Captain Addison Blaire. A few years before I met my husband, you husband and I had a good time if he might have told you. I saw him a year ago and he was asking for help. Shame a man of Starfleet asking for handouts. I suggest you put all those clothes back, go back to your husband and you become a good wife. Not one of these women who try to pretend to be someone they are not. He is a good man and you, you are the daughter of a man who is in prison.”

The woman was speechless. She goes back into the changing room so she can return the dresses.

“Addison,” Amarith said catching her breath and admiration of her mentor. “You did not have to do that.”

“Women like that should be put in their place,” Addison said, “Now you have every right to enjoy your honeymoon.”

“Oh I will,” she said, “Only problem is I hope I can carry all of this.”

Addison turned to the woman behind the desk. “Miss, can you have security help Amarith carry her bags?”

“Yes Captain Blaire,” the woman replied. “And thank you,” she said in a whisper.

“Your welcome,” Addison replied. Moments later the woman they were speaking to earlier, storm out of the store with only the items she had brought earlier. Hearing her thoughts, Addison said to the woman behind the counter as Amarith went to go change, “I have a feeling she is going to be a good wife now. Her husband is a decent man and it will be a miscarriage of fate if she brings down the man. Every good man should be respected.”

Few minutes later, after Amarith came out with the dress she decided to buy saw the security guys offering to help her carry her items to the honeymoon suite.

“Now Amarith,” Addison said, “Allow me to walk with you. I want to hear about all the juicy details of how blissful your honeymoon is and do not leave out any details. Just remember, I can read your every thought."

So on the way back to the honeymoon suite, two pretty women talked about in ways of how to please a man as Addison gave Amarith some pointers a married woman should always know.


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