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The Hybrid

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2014 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant JG Arima Gladimus & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sandra Smith & Commander Croesus & Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Mission: R&R
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: After First Kiss

Arima walked in to the Science Lab as she saw the time on the clock had been a total of six hours since she was in there before. As she goes to the chamber, she wanted to check to see if there were any harm in it as she became quiet surprise when she saw the light green skin one year old child in the liquid as she was quiet surprised when she saw it.

She immediately came to her console as she wanted to see what had happened. When she had left, she had secured the area. Now she was panicking on what she might have done wrong. "Computer, who was the last one in the lab?"

"You were Ensign," the computer replied.

"Who put the embryo in the birthing chamber?" Arima asked.

"Unable to comply with request," the computer reply. "Embryo was placed in as a direct result when retired Commander Deke Rivers had placed himself into the liquid. He had placed the embryo to the side of the chamber. After he had left, the embryo petri dish fell in as a direct result when you verified the liquid was okay, you kept the unit running as expected. When it completed one cycle, the chamber vibrated causing the petri dish to fall in to the liquid thus causing the embryo to start the birthing process. Child is currently sixteen months, one week and three days old. It currently progressing at regular pace as the education programs are being fed into it."

Catching her breath, she presses her console sending a message to Lt. Cmdr. Croesus. "Lt. Commander," she said in a former voice indicating this was strictly business, "We have a situation. I am about to send a message to my chief. Your father had put the petri dish of the embryo next to the birthing chamber and now we have a sixteen month year child on our hands. Request to remove the child from the chamber."

[ Ensign I am on my way. I'll summon the on duty medical officer and Chief Science Officer to join us. Await their arrival! ] Croesus replied.

It wasn't but a few minutes and Croesus had arrived to evaluate the situation. As it was all new technology, clearly Arima had him at a disadvantage when it pertained to the birthing device.

"Yes sir," Arima replied. "Computer, please alert the Chief Science Officer Arcos Darye, Dr. Nicole Redex and the on duty doctor."

Computer answered, "I will comply."

Dr. Benjarvi entered and walked over to the chamber, his eyes wide with astonishment. He had never seen anything like this before in all his years as a physician. "What in God's creation is this?" he asked.

"The device is called the D'Jaini birthing chamber but I have redefined it to be called a healing chamber as well but at the moment, it is being used for what it was designed originally to do Dr. Benjarvi which is to take an embryo from its original fertilized state to full term. Right now the child is in the chamber growing at a faster than normal rate but slow enough for us to monitor it and feed it educational information while it grows."

Croesus studied the child's life signs and concluded that, anatomically , the child was health. He was interested in the species and gender of the child and swiftly moved to her side to determine that.

" How old is the child and what is its gender ? " Croesus asked her.

"It is a little boy," Arima replied. "Computer, how old is the little boy now?"

"The Green Skin D'Jaini and Aquarian male is now seventeen months and two days old," the computer replied. "It is continued receiving education via the neuro pathway link you set up when the chamber is used in this fashion Ensign."

"Thank you computer," Arima said as she turned to Croesus.

"Your welcome," the computer replied.

Croesus thought of his father Deke, and how he had caused all of this. But that aside now they were looking at a far more volatile situation and one that would effect a lot of peoples lives.

" Keep the child stabilized until the medical and science officers arrive. Once they arrive the on duty medical officer will be in charge of the imminent situation. When it is safe to remove the child from the apparatus we will quarantine it in sickbay." Croesus cold words commanded.

"Agreed and since the child is progressing one month for every twenty three minutes, it is safe to say the child will probably be about the age of two when the doctor gets here, maybe younger," Arima said. She turned to her console as she was examining all the data. Starfleet was wise sending her because she understood biochemistry as well as cybernetics and she was thankful now she spent an extra year at the Academy to get her cybernetics degree.

As she was checking everything, she was checking the messages she had received during the past several hours and one caught her eye. Briefly reading it said pending the approval of either her commanding officer, executive officer or her chief, she will be able to adopt provided it came to that. She saw the message had been sent to all three of them. "Lt. Commander, when you get a chance, there is a message in your inbox from Starfleet Social Services. Seems Ambassador Kotta was able to approve my adoption of the child provided I get approval here on the ship. When you get a chance, no rush. Right now the life of the child is at stake." She had a single tear come from her eye as she felt she was going to be an adoptive mother soon.

Croesus did not pause but laid hand on her shoulder.

" Ensign it is all going to work out. When the medical officer has examined the child we will make every effort to see to it the child is cared for." Croesus offered. As a scientist and Executive Officer it was his job to make the right and logical decision given all the facts and variables. This could only be accomplished by following the protocols. " He's a cute little thing isn't he."

"Yes he is and I was prepared for the child was going to look like something from the Creature from the Black Lagoon but he is favoring his Aquarian father more as he will be able to be more acceptable by society. Sad that the D'Jaini did not want to have anything to do with it because they felt it was an abomination and the birthfather did not want to have anything to do with it because some Aquarian men rather their mermaids take care of the children while they go swim around doing whatever they want in life," she turned giving a Croesus a look that indicated she loved him not by words but by the way she appreciated his hand. "I hear footsteps coming down the hall," she said as she smiled in a way that made her cheeks hurt a bit.

Resuming an authorative stance , Croesus awaited their arrival too. He would have to speak to his father, Deke, later. When he was a child his father loved to throw around the phrase " for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction" . Today that phrase had taken legs and became a little child in its magical womb.

Ensign Alyssa Silvers, the Linquistics Science Officer who had heard voices had just came up to the ship from the wedding. When Arima saw her in the hallway, she spoke out, "Alyssa, need for you to come in here for a moment."

Alyssa was intrigued as well always enjoyed going into the labs when invited she walked in. Seeing her Executive Officer, she said to him first, "Hello Lt. Cmdr. Croesus and Arima. How may I help you two today?"

"Your specialty is languages and we have a child in the birthing chamber right now of D'Jaini and Aquarian origin. Are you familiar with both species?" Arima asked.

"The Aquarians yes," she replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Might need for you be here when the child is taken out of the chamber, he receives the proper training of his culture," Arima replied with a helpless look.

"Do not worry," she said. "I just go sit over here in the corner and cross my legs until needed." As she sits, she sends a message to Sandra Smith, the administrative officer in the Science department.

"Thank you," Arima said feeling relieved. "Lt. Commander Croesus. Look at how the child is laying there peacefully as he is learning. Notice the rapid eye movement as he is fed the knowledge I had prepared for him. I use the premise how similar this chamber is to one of the Jem'Hadar but instead of just learning to be a warrior, I wanted this child education emphasis be on Science, Mathematics and Engineering. The reading of the great works of literature I have prepared for him I hope he would enjoy. Any suggestions?"

" Doctor Seuss ? Cat in the hat no, no, my favorite, the Jabberwocky, you known " Through the Looking Glass ? " T'was brillig and the slivey troves..." Croesus replied.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Sandra Smith walked in as she came to sit next to Alyssa. Sandra reads her notes of what is going on and shows her some notes as well as Seabase Poseidon is need of Science Officers. Sandra was wondering in her mind if what she seeing is true, will the child and Arima might need to be transfer to the Seabase since the ship is getting prepared to shove off soon to go back in what could possibly be a war zone.

Arima checked all the instruments on the panel as she showed them to Dr. Benjarvi. "Since you are here now doctor, I feel we can remove the baby from the liquid. I want the child to have much of a normal childhood as possible."

After the doctor approved of removing the child, Arima taking charge as she felt she was in control made a request. "Lt. Commander Croesus," Arima said as she was looking at the console she had upgraded to work better for any one using it, "I will cut the water circulation cycle and once I do so, could you pick up the baby boy out of the liquid then hand the boy to the doctor?"

" You want me to lift the child out of that ? " Croesus hesitated.

"What in the blazes?" Arcos said responding from the hail in his bathrobe from his quarters, he had beamed up after the wedding and had just gotten back to his quarters. tapping his communications badge, "I just got word the birthing chamber is active again? Is there no end to people's quest for eternal youth." Arcos was not terribly pleased after having been notified that a former officer had evidently regained his youth by using the machine, which was evidently not a rather well tested device nor ethical by most federations standards.

"Sir," Arima said as she answered the page, "Apparently the petri dish with the embryo was left by the side of the device. It fell in to the birthing chamber which trigger the progress."

He sighed, "I'll be down there in a minute."

"I do not think a few minutes would make any difference," Arima said as she had everyone pause for a moment. "I want to make sure all thoughts are put into this child because I want to adopt this boy."

Less than ten minutes, the door opened as Arima looked up. "Lt. Darye," Arima said as she showed him the console she had updated the design of the chamber, "You will see the child is not quiet two years old yet in growth. Unless you object, I would like to remove the child."

"Will that affect the health of the child?" Arcos asked, not wanting to terminate the child. There was a living being inside the device, and more than likely intelligent if even at a basic level, the child would still be attributed rights.

"No sir," Arima replied. "The device is shut off which halts the growth of the chd as it reverts to normal growth rate. That is how the D'Jaini does it. If you see I have used my experience in cybernetics as the console monitors it. There is no guess work when to take the child out."

Croesus was still in position and lifted the child out of the mire handing him immediately to the physicians hands. As the umbilical cord popped off given the appropriate age of the child.

" Lt Darye take charge of the situation and give me a preliminary report in two hours. I have to get to the bridge and prepare to shove off given our recent assignment." Croesus added as senior officer aboard. " Ensign Gladimus secure the device and then join the good doctor in sickbay."

"Yes sir," Arima smiled pleasantly. Arima named the son Amphion for several reasons. One was the child was going to be more amphibious than like both of his parents who were descendent from reptilian (D'Jaini green skin race) and mermaid/mermen (Aquarian) and second was the name comes from Greek myth of the same place the name Croesus came from for Amphion. She explained that Tantalus was a primordial ruler of mythic Lydia, and Niobe his proud daughter; her husband Amphion associated Lydia with Thebes in Greece, and through Pelops the line of Tantalus was part of the founding myths of Mycenae's second dynasty. Alyattes' son was Croesus, who became associated with great wealth.


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