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First Kiss

Posted on Tue Feb 11th, 2014 @ 12:37am by Lieutenant JG Arima Gladimus & Commander Croesus

Mission: R&R
Location: Admiral Paul Jones Estate
Timeline: Wedding Reception


Croesus had received word to board the ship and prepare things for a possible return to the Hades system, given the recent telemetry reports from the frontier. But they still had several hours to go before departure and it was a mark of a good officer to know how to lead and when to follow.

Approaching Arima, dawned all natural, it was all he could do to not do that which he really wanted to do. So he decided to do that which he could do, that being to dance with the girl that had brought him.

Picking a very smooth, belly rubbing song, Croesus made every use of the songs melody as both were anatomically matched. Given his injury and the fact he had more attire on than she turned their dance into a memorable waltz. When the music stopped Croesus held on longer than any other dancers on the floor as the lights from the ball above danced around them.

" Thank you Dear Lady ... you dance divinely." he joked remembering a cartoon rabbit once using that in dialogue.

Arima was able to get her dance with Croesus as she hoped for earlier for the ship had to run all their checks before beaming away. Placing her robe back on after the dance happened, she sighed a bit as she did not want the moment to end. "You are welcome Croesus. You are pretty good on your feet."

" Yea in my work you have to be, probably the most nimble footed scientist XO you'll ever meet." he smiled back.

"Croesus," Arima said as she breathed in a bit feeling the moment. "I could tell you have a sore muscle so as your friend, if you need me to do this for you later, I will give you one of those Magna Roman massages we are famous for. It starts with me walking on your back as my twinkle toes will find your nerves and muscles that will need attention. I follow that with you staying on your belly as my hands will knead your muscles, skin and nerves so they can take out the pinch nerves. Only draw back is every time I have done this, everyone I have given this massage to had fallen asleep. It is that good."

Croesus was intrigued and forgot the time as they conferred.

" I'm going to ask for a rain check but I definitely need that massage. Thank you for the dance and everything. This is the first wedding I actually ever wanted to be at. " Croesus replied as he prepared to dart out the door.

"Do you need me to come with you as in you need help with something?" she said as she was there to help him if he needed her to assist in something since he was so ready to leave the dance floor.

" No I don't want to ruin your reception. All essential staff will be recalled. The rest will remain to enjoy their leave, although as you are the ranking officer in charge of the D'Jaini birthing chamber I could qualify you as essential. Ok let's beam up to the ship and start the ball rolling. Lt Darye will be recalled soon enough. " Croesus replied.

"By badge is in my suitcase," she said as she was prepared after the reception to get some work on especially since what happen to Deke. "I can beam right now in this robe. We can have the transporter chief beam up my suitcase as well."

" You do know how to make an entrance Arima. Ok let's go, I have my comm badge pinned to my robe, hey you never know." Croesus replied.


< Aboard ship/transporter room >

Beaming up was extremely exciting as they were scantly clad and given that transporter chief Safar was on duty.

" You bipeds sure know how to party." Safar joked.

" Close your eyes chief, there's a lady present. Arima he's right we have to get dressed before going to post." Croesus added.

"I do not mind compliments," Arima said as she nodded to Safar. "It shows respect and honor."

" Sir's there is a replicator and area to dress behind that door." Safar added.

"Then we better go change," she said as she was trying to control herself not to wink at Croesus.

Croesus took her hand and went behind closed doors to get in uniform.

Handing him her robe, she said to him, "We can be short on the formalities since you have already seen me without my robe plus this is a changing room," she said as she walked over to the replicator as she turned not to look at him as she looked at the replicator itself. "Computer, one Ensign uniform for me, Ensign Arima Gladimus complete with shoes." The computer replicated her the uniform as it recalled the last one it replicated for her was a skirt uniform with stockings and regulation heel boots.

Keeping her face at the replicator she was trying to be lady like about this as she put on her uniform one item at a time. "Hope you do not mind your Science Officers in skirts Lt. Commander," she said as she shifted to being serious as she was still a little nervous as it was displayed by the Goosebumps on her skin.

" I don't mind but if Lt Darye wears one I'm probably going to have to reconsider the dress code." Croesus replied, as issues like that fell under his jurisdiction. He was still wearing his White robe and sporting the " cup " that was necessary to support him, given the injury. Watching her dress, despite being a gentlemen, because everyone knows that even they always look.

Of all the women in the universe, Croesus had never met a more beautiful one who stood only a few feet away from him. Yet as she dawned the uniform the distance between them lengthened.

" I apologize for honoring you so much Arima .... I mean Ensign. " reflecting back to her response to Safar's comments.

"No apologies necessary sir and if you do not mind, I want to commend you upon your self control during the wedding," she said as her cheeks turned red a bit. "Even when we were dancing you possessed extremely strength of resolve not to make it awkward. Your mother would be very proud of you if she was alive today." She said as subconsciously she was thinking he was full blooded human not even thinking about his Klingon side even with what she had to say next. "You are truly an honorable man and most of all, I hope, my friend."

Croesus had not thought about Vortress in a while but her words brought back to mind his lost memories of her. Croesus had been with her until coming to live with his father, as she died when he was three. Croesus had learned that his parents had become involved during a visit to Sherman's planet. What wasn't known was that he was also a product of temporalness as he was born three years prior to his father's ship being lost in time.

" My mother was a proud Klingon Defense officer. She was chief of security of the Klingon base on Sherman's Planet. We're she alive and here she would have found you to be very honorable Arima. Thank you for reminding me of her. I'm off to the bridge take charge of the science labs until Darye arrives. " Croesus responded.

Turning the corner Safar met him.

" Sir there's a message for you, Lt Wolf has been reassigned back to his old fighter squadron. They've already been dispatched to the sector." Safar instructed.

" Damn we're going to need a good helmsman. "

"Lt. Cmdr," Arima said as she was gliding her stocking up her legs, "We will have the best on the ship for the next few months. Do not forget Commander T'Hai is one of the craftiest and most cunning at the helm."

Thinking of what he had said about his mother, Arima concluded his mother since she was from the previous century and Croesus looked more human than a Human Klingon hybrid, his mother was an augmented Klingon woman which explained Croesus superior masculinity and intellect. She leans up against the wall to put on her boots. "An Augmented Klingon Human hybrid. Most impressive and that would explain a lot. Maybe when we get free time, we can have more time together. In our sensitivity training at the Academy, it is required for the one of lesser rank to say that so there would be no misunderstanding. I am sure you might have read my profile but if you have not, I am what you call a wait to the wedding night girl so any pursuance right now is strictly on the foundation of friendship." She gave him a smile hoping it would not cause him to bolt out as she did everything she was required to do which included saying in front of a witness.

Safar read Croesus mind and exited the room, giving Croesus opportunity to do that which he really wanted to do, even in uniform. Croesus kissed Arima right in the mouth.

" You're extremely beautiful, and it doesn't take a genetic mind to conclude this. If a certain mutated human father of mine tries anything with you let me know and I'll boot him out the nearest air lock." Croesus concluded.

Her breath was taken away as her hypothesis of his superior masculinity was all true. Catching her breath as she felt urges but was speechless for awhile for she had never been kissed before by a man as she had kept herself chaste all these years. She look at him as her eyes turned vulnerable to his prowess saying slowly, "That will not be necessary. He is pursuing someone else as you probably will figure that out soon. He is excited when T'Hai is around but it would be hard for you to notice that since you are his son."

She returned the kiss as she was how unsure she was to do so as she was taught by her fiancé's two other wives. It was a quiet kiss and not a hard one. "I am needed in the Science Lab. I will keep my evenings open if you want to play chess, sword fight or even if you want me to play a Magna Roman harp. Do not worry if that day does not come for a good while because we have busy schedules." She places her communication badge on as she said to him, "I am wanted in the lab and ....." she was at a lost of words as she did not know how to say thank you and how great he was. Plus she did not know how to tell him that was her first kiss as well.

Croesus enjoyed her return kiss, remembering his last one as that was a long time ago. His friend at the Star fleet had been his last kiss but it was no where near as passionate as the butter fly kisses Arima gave. There had been one other, Shael but it was neither passionate nor loving merely during her own pon farr , resulting in the birth of Tamoth.

Exiting the lift she went one way and he went the other way.



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