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More than Friendship

Posted on Sat Feb 8th, 2014 @ 1:01am by Lieutenant JG Arima Gladimus & Commander Croesus & Commodore Deke Rivers

Mission: R&R
Location: Admiral Paul Jones Estate
Timeline: Six Hours Before the Wedding

Arima was wearing her robe as she walked in to the lab as she saw the door was left open. She shook her head a bit as she realized someone had came in to the lab without her being there. Asking the computer, she inquires. "Computer, who was the last one in the lab yesterday?"

"Returned Commander Deke Rivers," the computer replied.

She thought to herself, He was standing right behind her as they walked out. She asked again for clarification. "What time did he leave the lab?"

"Sixteen hundred hours," the computer replied.

Speaking out loud she said, "That was three hours after I had left." Looking around, she saw everything looked in place. "Computer, replay the tape of when he was in in 2X speed." She glanced at the console seeing the tape of him walking back into the lab and walking over the device. He stripped down then proceed to get into the liquid, puts on the oxygen mask. An hour and ten minutes later, he sees a very young man kind of resembling Elvis Presley in his youth come out of the liquid. She then examines all the data that was collected while he was in there. Seeing everything was a success, she smiled but it was followed by a frown because he did this without permission. She ran a few tests to make sure there was no harm to the unit which she was relieved it was not because the liquid was still circulating and it had completely went back to normal.

"Computer, where is Lt. Commander Croesus," Arima asked.

"Lt. Commander Croesus is at the estate of Admiral Paul Jones," the computer replied.

She leaves the lab making sure this time the door would stay lock. She proceeded to the transporter room as she asked the computer to teleport her to where Croesus was.

Arima materializes in front of Croesus is wearing a very debonair smoking robe with a family crest on it. She could see there was a river in the crest so she thought it would be safe to assume, it was the Rivers family crest.

She was wearing a Victorian rose color cotton robe she had bought from Victoria Secret. Seeing that Croesus was enjoying a hot beverage in the kitchen alone, she approached him with caution. "Lt. Commander, we need to talk privately about something sir."

Croesus was sullen as Arima had arrived so dazzlingly robed. Given his injury with the trampoline he was hardly able to enjoy her loveliness if that was the nature of her sudden arrival. But when she addressed him formally as Lieutenant Commander he knew there was urgency in her tone.

" Report Ensign ." Croesus cautiously commented.

"Sir," she said as she notices promptly her arrival invoked a response of a smile she smiled as she broke her serious tone. "Yesterday, I showed your father the lab and he had some how managed prevent the door from closing." Catching her breath deeply as Croesus masculinity radiated around him she tried to bring forth what she had to say. "He went back in after I have left, use the healing chamber as I call it now and I have mixed feelings telling you that he made himself younger but he was not given permission to do so. I am reporting this to you for he is your father and your are my Executive my friend and the Chief of Security is getting ready to be married today so .....oh I just wanted you to know so you can handle this. I am sorry this happened." She felt a tad bit nervous a bit as she did not know what to do next.

" I was afraid this would happen. Damn ! Where is my father now ? " Croesus cursed.

Arima thought about that for a moment. Recalling events from yesterday, specifically last night as she did recall the dancer who woo T'Hai, she put two and two together. "Probably, counting his money he earned last night but I will...." At that moment Deke walked in whistling a Springsteen song. "Well speak of the devil," she said as she stepped aside.

" Hello everybody, Daddy's home. Why the long face son cat got your tongue or something ? " Deke stated as he muffled through to see if there was anything to eat in the replicator.

Croesus was not amused but was perplexed to see the effects the birthing chamber had on his father. Every detail of rejuvenation had occurred down to the cellular level as Deke was now anatomically younger looking than his son.

" What were you thinking ? you could have gotten yourself killed getting into an untested machine. " Croesus asked him.

" Look at me boy, I'm not dead. I'm more alive now than I was when I was this age. What ever makes that fountain of youth device work, work's and I'm living breathing proof. If you don't believe me ask all those pretty little split tails out there I danced with last night ?" replied the newer vigorous Deke Rivers.

" Father you have to report to the nearest medical facility and let me have them look you over." demanded the commander.

" Like Hell, there's a nude wedding tomorrow and you can bet your bottom dollar old...I mean the new Deke Rivers is going to be there." Deke fired back.

Croesus was not happy but was relieved to see his father was not seemingly worse for wear. But all of the variables of the device had yet to be accounted for.

" Arima I'm not mad at you. When he see an opportunity it's Katie bar the door or else with him. Thank you for warning me before I found out the hard way." Croesus addressed her.

Feeling relieved, her heart beat slow down a bit as she thought her job was in jeopardy. "Thank you sir," she said as she was studying Deke's posture for Scientific reasons only. "Commander, I am going to have insist you are given a physical after the wedding as in tomorrow by Dr. Nikki Redex. I want to make sure you have no side affects."

Deke smiled as his lip went up.

" You wouldn't by chance be a registered physical giver would you ? If so by all means little darling ." the old yet new Deke Rivers commented. " Say Commander Deke Rivers sounds real good coming from those lips, I wander if the Good Commander Redex would take me up on my offer to fly his ship now ? " he added.

" How do you like me now ? Now that I'm on my way ? " Deke started singing an old Terran country song.

"Well if you do not get a physical, you will not be commissioned again and most probably knowing Starfleet regulations, if you are reinstated, you will bumped down a notch to Lt. Commander," Arima said as she was trying to make light of the situation. "But if that happens, do not worry, your youth will have in no time making you commander once you earn it again. If you do not mind," she said looking at Deke, "May I have a moment alone to talk with my XO."

" Suit yourself. Computer make for me a genuine bowl of friend chicken." Deke replied.

" What is it Arima ? " Croesus then asked her.

Arima takes a few steps back as she coerces Croesus to go into the dining room next to the kitchen. As they were alone she just wanted to say quickly as she was still a little nervous about all that happened as she kept her wrists behind her to hide the fact how she was feeling. "I have to leave in a few minutes to go help the bride and the bridesmaids to make their hair like you see my hair now, the Magna Roman style where it is all nice braided up," she said as she bites her lip a bit as she thinks, he does not want to hear that. Licking her lip she said, "I apologize all that has happen but in some ways I am glad it did sir because now we can make progress. It is imperative your father get a physical not only for his own sake and to get commissioned again but for the sake of knowing if this would affect any other people. Your father might have forced the hand of giving us a way of saving people's lives in the future." She smiled at him as she finished as she got out what she had to say hoping the strong smell of her white linen perfume would not intoxicate him.

" As a scientist I am intensely excited but it's personal when its personal. My father has been through so much, the universe has not been kind to him. Yanking him out of the 23rd century, thrust into the Dominion war, and there's a whole other story concerning the Borg. Maybe now the tides have changed. I'll get him to a doctor, but you have to promise me that the device is now secure. Lt Darye will not be happy when he finds out what has occurred. I'll handle that don't worry. I guess I'll see you later today then, I'll save you a seat." Croesus replied.

"Thanks and I will look forward to the dance as well," she as she felt better. "Ta Ta For Now," she said as she gave him a more than a friendship wink as she left him with a pleasant feeling all over.

Croesus returned to the kitchen where Deke had swallowed down three drum sticks.

"Keep that up old man and you'll get fat. Get dressed and meet me here in one hour. " ordered Croesus.

"Where we going ? " Deke asked.

"Star fleet Medical, I have an old girl friend that owes me a favor. don't worry she's pretty and she specializes in physicals." Croesus lured.

Arima had intrigued Croesus but sad fully he knew that the variables between them were enormous given their age , rank and positions on the ship but for the first time in his life he would not have to sit at a wedding unchaperoned.



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