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First Official Patient

Posted on Wed Feb 5th, 2014 @ 7:55am by Lieutenant Aurora

Mission: R&R
Location: Tikal Sickbay
Timeline: Current (backpost)

Ishan was sitting at the nurse's station going over the staff files when the doors to the quiet sickbay slid open with a whispering hiss and a female lieutenant stepped across the threshold. He got to his feet and headed towards her with a warm, welcoming smile and an outstretched hand.

"Hello. I'm Dr. Benjarvi. How may I help you?" Ishan asked as he approached the woman.

"Lt Aurora. I've recently been assigned to the Tikal." She knew they'd have her on file as a new transfer.

"Well...," Ishan said shaking Aurora's hand. "Seems we have something in common. I'm new here too. Welcome aboard." He gestured to an empty biobed and turned to ask the nurse on duty to bring up the lieutenant's file but she had already done that and was handing it to him before he could speak. Taking the PADD from the nurse he quickly reviewed it as he reached for a bioscanner. "Have a seat, Lieutenant. This won't take long," he said then set the PADD down on the utility tray and began to wave the bioscanner over Aurora. "Anything I should know about?" He asked.

"No everything should be in my file," she replied as she took a seat the biobed. "I was told that I needed to report into Dr Redex upon my arrival aboard."

"She's on R & R," Ishan said as he glanced over the bioscanner's findings. "I'm her new surgeon and covering for her. Our second officer, Commander t'Narviat is getting married and the doc is her Matron of Honor," he explained. He set the bioscanner down on the utility tray and picked up the PADD. Making a few notations in the chart he added, "everything's great, Lieutenant and you're cleared for duty." Then he saw a notation in the PADD and looked up with a smile. "I take that back," he said, grinning. "It seems you have an invitation to the festivities."

Aurora nodded with a smile, "Thank you Doctor. Good to know I'm cleared for duty. Now you just hit on the very reason I was asked to contact Dr Redex. As it stands Commander t'Narviat and I are old friends. My assignment here at this particular time is a surprise for her."

"Then I suggest we don't waist anymore time," Ishan said with a laugh. He signed the chart and told the nurse to forward a copy of the release to Dr. Redex, handed her the PADD and tapped his combadge. "Transporter room...this is Dr. Benjarvi. Please transport Lieutenant Aurora directly down to Dr. Redex's location." Two seconds later the lieutenant disappeared from sickbay and Ishan began to help the nurse clean up the area and ready it for the next patient.


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