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Powdering One's Nose

Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2014 @ 6:18am by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Lieutenant Aurora

Mission: R&R
Location: Ladies Lounge during the Party for Amarith
Timeline: During the Party for Amarith

It had taken Amarith only a few minutes after she had to do what she needed to do. She saw an ATM of all places in the lounge that was connected to where she had to go while she was at the party. She used a credit card that she hardly used as she maxed it out. As she saw Aurora come in she said, "Will not need this credit card after tomorrow. I will pay it off. This will prevent any one trying to hack into it any way." She could tell Aurora did not come into the lounge for same reason she did. "Aurora, are you okay?"

For a moment Aurora was silent then she met her friends gaze. "You asked before about the new earring. What I told you is true. However its far more complicated than a simple he's captured my heart. Recently we ended up in a predicament of sorts. Technically I'm Seris' bondmate offically but there has been no formal ceremony. It happened a Vulcan you understand that it happened out of necessity at a very vulnerable time for him."

"I understand completely," Amarith replied, "Shortly after the Cairo is when you know I got pregnant. Fortunate for me, Pericles and I never bonded, we just mated as he saved me because of my pon farr. If your heart says you bonded with him then that is all that is really needed." She thought for a moment. "This does not have to do with Starfleet regulations about Deltans and non Deltans?"

"Partially but as you know I never took the oath due to events when I was around 14 but the regulations still exist. And yes was in pon far and while it saved him we completed the entire ritual that ties us together for life. You're the only person that knows. However given what happened theres a very good chance that I may be pregnant, but I've avoided medical so far. One way or another this new was not exactly something either of us were ready to make public."

Amarith thought for a moment and hope she would word this correctly. "Aurora," she said with a pause thinking about her friend's best interest. "We have what is a called a D'Jaini birthing device on the ship. I know they are looking for someone to test out the device as in placing an embryo in there. Essentially, the child will grow outside the womb. Only thing is you will miss out on your whole pregnancy but you will have a new born baby essentially within a matter about four hours, give or take. The device is kind of like Jem'Hadar one but it can do more as Arima has been telling me."

"I don't know for sure yet," she met Amarith's gaze. "Of course its safe to say no matter what I'm treading very new territory here. I can say that Seris saved me just as much as I saved him."

"I tell you the same thing I was told one time," Amarith said showing comfort. "What done is done and what to do now is the right thing. Your child will change your life. I am here for you and once you get to know Nikki, she will be here for you as well. You came to the right place. Now lets take five minutes to soak all of this and we can go back in and have some fun. I have a lot of cash I have been saving up for a rainy day and right now it is raining men."


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