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Questions Answered

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2014 @ 7:51pm by Captain Charles Redex Senior & Seyoni Redex

Mission: R&R
Location: Living Room
Timeline: After wedding

Seyoni sat on the floor across the coffee table from her father, holding five cards in her hand. A pile of peanuts lay in between them.

"No, Daddy," Seyoni groaned with exasperation. "A full house beats three of a kind. I win...again," she said as she tossed her cards on the table and started scooping up the pile of peanuts.

"Mmm you really know this game", answered Chuck

Nikki walked in from the back yard where she had been performing a strenuous Kata in an attempt to stay in shape, and headed for the bathroom for a shower.

"Mommy's getting fat," Seyoni giggled as she expertly shuffled the deck of cards...just like Nikki had taught her.

"She is having a baby... what did you expected", said Chuck

Nikki came out of the bedroom, dressed in a pair of sweat pants and one of her husband's t-shirts, her hair wrapped in a towel.

Chuckie got up from the floor where he was playing and ran, clumsily, over to Nikki...grabbing her at the knees and chanting, "Mommy fat....Mommy fat."

Nikki looked first at her husband then at Seyoni, suspiciously.

"Oops," Seyoni whispered and covered her mouth with her hand, guiltily.

"Not funny you two," Nikki said as she picked Chuckie up and carried him over to the couch...setting him on her lap as she sat down behind her Chuck.

Chuckie wriggled out of Nikki's arms and ran over to the side of the table Seyoni was sitting. He reached out and grabbed a handful of peanuts out of Seyoni's "winnings" and said, "pea."

"Hey!" Seyoni yelled. "Those are mine."

Chuckie crammed the peanuts into his mouth so his sister couldn't get them and ran off.

"Daddy...if we're going to have another baby...can we have one that isn't such a brat?" Seyoni moaned.

"Seyoni We will have whatever god sends us... is that clear?", answered Chuck trying to settle things

"Why can't we choose?" Seyoni asked, looking quizzically at both Nikki and Chuck. "Like when we choose chocolate milk instead of white milk in the replicator?"

Nikki had to turn her face away to hide a smile. When she had it under control she turned back around and playfully shoved Chuck's shoulder. "Yeah, Daddy. Why can't we?" she asked...a mischievous twinkle in her emerald green eyes.

"god has it's mysterious ways", answered Chuck

"That's not an answer," Seyoni grumbled.

Chuckie made another grab for more of his sister's peanuts but this time she managed to block him, setting the deck of cards down in the process. So he grabbed the deck of cards and ran behind the sofa, giggling happily at his victory.

"Hey!" Seyoni yelled. "Give those back!" She jumped up and chased her brother to retrieve her cards.

"Mine," Chuckie said and ran out from behind the sofa, his big sister not far behind him.

"All right you two," Nikki said, getting up from the sofa and trying to grab one of the children to put a stop to the chaos. But they were both too quick for her and Chuckie dove under the dining room table out of reach from his sister who began to move chairs out of her way.

"Chuckie...gimme!" Seyoni yelled as she tried to grabbed her brother's shirt. But he managed to pull away from her grasp.

Nikki turned and looked at her husband. "A little help here?" she said pleadingly.

"CHARLES ALBERT REDEX JUNIOR!!", yelled Chuck and suddenly chuckie froze "GIVE THAT TO YOUR SISTER NOW!!!"

the child like magic returned the deck to Seyoni "NOW SEYONI DO NOT MOCK YOUR BROTHER OR THE GAME ENDS HERE!!"

"Yes Father", said her adopting a submissive posture


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