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A Bachelor Party for the Admiral

Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2014 @ 7:05pm by Fleet Admiral Paul Jones & Captain Charles Redex Senior & Commander Croesus & Commodore Deke Rivers & Lieutenant Commander Zodok tr'Narviat & Mike Retorius Jr.

Mission: R&R
Location: Jones Estate Secret Room
Timeline: After I will always love you

Chuck was having a meeting with his male staff, It was a different kind one that would end in the Bachelor party of his best friend RADM Paul Jones.

"Ok Gentlemen, I need Ideas for the party...", said Chuck.

Lt. Junior Grade Shiar, the younger brother of the bride was thinking as he was there along with his older half brother Lt. Cmdr. Zodok spoke, "Two course of logic you proceed with this," as he was showing his Vulcan side, "We could either do a holoprogram of a party or we can actually go some place where there actual females."

Zodok said since he was half Betazoid and half Romulan voiced his opinion. "I say go where there are actual females. Where is the fun if you do not live dangerously."

Zodok's half brother on his mother side who was half Betazoid and half Talosian thought of both suggestions. Dr. Cassius, the very bald doctor pondered creating illusions as ones who were not from his Talosian side seem to want to play it safe. Feeling he was not strong enough to create that powerful of an illusion spoke, "I suggest we go with the holo-program. You can not get a holo-program pregnant."

"True Very true but you could use protection as well", answered Chuck.

"Very true," Zodok said as he placed his hand on your brother Shiar's shoulder. "I may not be able to partake in the sweet nectar of some wayward maiden but you young man can but let us remind ourselves we are here to show the Admiral a good time. We can take a shuttle to Paris, France's red light district to go to a place I remember well years ago. It is called Orion's Market where there are women of all races from Orion girls to Klingon wenches willing to show a man a good time for a fair price."

"What can you get for a fair price?" Shiar asked.

"The customary dance as they stroke your ego but remember, you might find them willing but that is the illusion you buy young brother for they are not ones you will take up to your hotel room if that is what you are looking for as they will only give you a good dance, a warm smile and a satisfactory wink. Remember, we are all officers and gentlemen."

Croesus had left his father ship side to enjoy the events. Being unhitched this was going to be fun.

" All right men step aside and I show you guys how to make a holo-wench blush." the first officer bragged.

"Ok Gentlemen... Tonite at 2100 hours will be a shuttle waiting for us to go to Paris... I'll settle everything and remember to bring your latinum bars", said Chuck.

"We shall be there," Zodok said with the look of mischief on his face. "Do not worry Mr. Croesus, where we are boldly going, there will be no holo-wenches. I am sure my wife with be up to her own fun tonight as well."

" I have no ball and chain to hold me back Commander ." Croesus smiled.

Vachlan and Strongfellow just smile at the thought of some fun.

2100 Hours Jones Estate

Chuck appeared ready for the party and as the men where gathering he laughed

Shiar was shaking his head as he came in. "Zodok's son Talos needed someone to stay with him as he must have eaten something he should not have. Diana and he did rock paper scissors and he lost. Diana said she will make it up to him later." Looking around he saw everyone who was coming so far. "Commander, I have my bars of latinum. It is not every day your sister gets married. I was very young when Asha got married but now I am a man and I can have fun now."

"Well since your big bro didn't come please allow me to show you the robes", answered Chuck.

"Robes?" he said with an eyebrow going up. "I am most curious now on what is plan for tonight. I have wondered into gentlemen's clubs but never been one that you have to wear a robe. This is very fascinating."

"Noo... I meant Ropes", said Chuck smiling.

Shiar chuckled a bit. "Ropes is more logical. I understand the ancient phrase very well."

21:30 Undisclosed Location

The party entered the complex through a secondary door far away from the public eye.

They entered a room, with red velvet couches and a pole in the middle. On one side there was a bar stoked with all kind of drinks, there a barman awaited for any need of the party members.

They where received by a host that was wearing a transparent baby doll and high heels... "Good Night gentlemen... Everything is prepared for the bachelor party... Who among you would be Admiral Jones?"

"That would be me", answered Paul putting himself on the mood.

Shiar seeing the women, he first reminded himself of the beautiful female officer aboard the Perseus he had to get to know recently. Shaking his head a bit as one of them reminded him of the Centaurian female, he said to the delicious looking one, he was about to say his name to the beautiful female but decided to go with the advice Zodok gave him earlier. "Hello young lady. My name is The Defender and I am here to defend your borders."

"Hello Mr. Defender," she said with a bubbly personality as she placed her hand on his shoulder, "Just call me Damsel and I am in distress because I have been waiting for a hero like you."

"Well my friend I think you go there", said Chuck and talking to the host "I was told that everyone on this facility was illness free... Is that correct?"

"Yes," replied Shiar. "Standard Starfleet regulations number ...."

The one known as Damsel spanked Shiar's butt. "He does not want to here there number just like if any of you are Ferengis, he does not want to here what rule of acquisition. Pet peeve he has."

Shiar was startled by the spank. "Oh Damsel. You sure know how to get a man's attention."

"Ok Guys Pick your poison and let's the party begin", said Chuck and signaled the host to bring the girls.


A scream filled the room as the XO was all out drunk already with Romulan Ale on tap, that came running through the room to pounce on a trampoline in the far corner, resulting in a bounce and fly maneuver that crashed him straddle first onto a chair. Aches and tears filled his eyes as he realized what he had just done and the pain and nausea that would follow.

" Man Down ." someone called out following the event.

Chuck looked at his XO and said "Come on Number one Nikki will patch you up tomorrow... but for today... Engage!"

At that moment 3 good looking ladies came out and begun taking turns to dance on Paul's lap

"AUuuuUUUUUU!!!", yelled Paul
The one named Damsel takes Shiar in a cozy corner as Damsel was showing Shiar the time of his life.

Aching away, Croesus found a chair as the sobering effects of pain over shadowed the ale. Limping to the back to get air and water, it would be a few minutes before he could think straight.



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