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Posted on Mon Feb 3rd, 2014 @ 11:39pm by Commodore Deke Rivers & Commander Croesus

Mission: R&R
Location: USS Tikal
Timeline: concurrent



Some how the Admiral had convinced Lt Commander Croesus it was a good idea to allow his father, Commander Deke Rivers to come up for a toured visit. Despite the middle aged mans' medical issues, Deke felt like a school boy strolling the corridors again.

" Relax boy, I won't embarrass you, much. I just want to spend some more quality time with my grand son.' Deke replied.

" Father just don't get your hopes up. Tamoth tends to take after his mother more than me." Croesus warned.

" God I hope not. A stuff shirt Vulcan ? I'd rather have him running around with a tom-a-hawk yelling like an banshee than pointing out all of my flaws all the time." Deke added.

" Dad Klingon's use dk'tagh or bat'leth's not tom-a -hawks. You are sooo racist." stormed Croesus.

" Yea, well, whatever." Deke added.

Coming up on the corridor and lift Deke stopped.

" Listen this may be my last time to enjoy this, just please let me enjoy it ... my way." stated Deke.


Shael and Tamoth were well into their day following the outing to earth. Tamoth had enjoyed the events that preceded but hesitated to discuss them as he knew it would displease his mother. Being have Vulcan, he often struggled with the emotions that were evidently a part of his being.

" Mother will you be allowing me time with my father's father ? " Tamoth asked.

" That is your choice my son," Shael replied.

" I would welcome the experience. His stories are enlightening as he often reflects on father's youth and experiences. " Tamoth commented.

" Always remember you are my son Tamoth."

" I will mother." Tamoth replied.


Deke scrolled the halls and corridors and lifts until he found the forward water hole. It had been days since he had tasted anything close to hooch and he hoped the bar keeper had some real stuff under the counter.

" A tall glass full of real stuff and keep it coming bar keep." Deke ordered.

< Hours Later >

Deke was sauced as a goose but didn't want his son to know so he opted to go where no antique had ever gone before to sleep it off, the ships observation deck.

Twirling the old wheel, Deke lost his footing and fell just as Croesus joined him.

" I thought you would be at the wheel. Dad I'm sorry I was rude earlier. I have to beam down to the planet for a function but why don't you join me for the wedding tomorrow ? You can wear a robe it's a nude Betazoid affair ? " replied Croesus.

" Me nude ? Hell boy I'd be naked if I showed up. Do you know what the difference between nude and naked is ? Nude is when you have no clothes on, naked is when you have no clothes on and you're up to no good. Ok I'll go but I ain't making no promises." smiled the middle aged antique officer.

" Heaven and Kahless help us then." added Croesus.


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