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Dual Roles

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2014 @ 11:36pm by Lieutenant JG Arima Gladimus & Lieutenant JG Ezrael Saelanun

Mission: R&R
Location: Engineering
Timeline: After All Life is Precious Post

After meeting with the Commander with Lt. Cmdr Croesus, Arima decided to take care of business before pleasure. She had the transporter chief beam herself back up to the ship. Since her expertise was not only in Biochemistry but also in Cybernetics, she wanted to make herself available in any capacity the Chief Engineer would want her to fit into if needed. Already her resume included working on a bio-mechanical android project on Starbase Copernicus. She brought up on her PADD how Ezrael Saelenun looked like.

Walking into the Engineering area in a uniform that would signify she was a Science Officer she saw Ezrael from a distance. She walked up slowly to her as she wanted to make sure this was a good time. She knew she should have made an appointment but Arima could not make an appointment since the two have never met. She paused for a moment until it was okay to address Ezrael. Once the time was right, she made the introduction first, "Lt. Saelanun, I am Ensign Arima Gladimus. I just came on board today and I wanted to make a quick introduction. I hope this is not a bad time Mam?"

"The time is fine," Ezrael returned the greeting. "What can I do for you?"

"I am coming by as a common courtesy," Arima said as she was making sure the officer knew the nature of her visit. "I am assigned to the ship as a Biochemist but I am also a cybernetic specialist as on my last mission, I served dual roles. I am sure you have a Cybernetic Engineer on staff but if you ever need my assistance, I am here. Just be sure to verify it when my Chief if the opportunity ever comes up."

The two officers sat down for awhile to chat as they got acquainted.


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