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Challenger Completion

Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2014 @ 8:37pm by Commander Croesus

Mission: R&R
Location: Deck 1 - XO's Office
Timeline: Start of new mission


Lt. Strongfellow approaches the XO's door. Once he is close enough the door chimes to announce the arrival of someone waiting to see the XO.

Croesus had just arrived to his office himself as he had an important communique he had just made to the Commander on the planet as science issues were unfolding below.

" Enter ? " Croesus replied.

Lt. Strongfellow enters, walks over to where the XO is, stands at attention, and asks "Commander do you have a few minutes to talk about a personnel issue?"

" I do sir. I am awaiting a report that will follow me down to the Admiral's estate but I have a few minutes. What's the issue ? " Croesus asked.

"I came to see if you had received the final report on Ms. Vedi? I believe she should be finishing her challenger training any time now." he asks.

" By all means. I can arrange for her to complete the last post test tomorrow." Croesus responded. " Have her meet me in Holodeck 2 at 0800 hours tomorrow."

"Aye aye sir." Lt. Strongfellow replies.

< Holodeck 2 >

Croesus had his iron in a lot of small ship fires but knew this was very important to Staff Warrant Officer Vedi and Lt Strongfellow and thus created the last exam of the challenger competitions .

" Take you seat's and enjoy the ride. " Croesus stated as he took the center seat of the hologram which was formatted to look exactly like the bridge of the Tikal. While her exact course was going to be somewhat related, the beginning of the scenario was going to take place on the bridge.

SWO Vedi takes her seat at the designed spot. She is a bit nervous because of the final exam is done in front of the XO and her department chief.

"Sir, if you don't mind I will sit back here during the exam." Lt. Strongfellow says as he finds a spot in the background to sit. He hopes by doing so, that it will ease any pressure that SWO Vedi may be feeling by his presence. He knows that this is very important for his staff member and the XO since it was he that recommended her in the first place.

Croesus had just sat down when he received a chime via com-badge.

" Pause ! I've been paged to sickbay .... forgive me I'll be right back." As he touched the ARCH and exited the holodeck. A few seconds and then a minute passed. The door's opened again but this time Croesus had not returned but rather Commander Redex himself.

" Number One has been detained, an injury to his child. I'll will resume this course. Lieutenant Strongfellow return to the bridge and take the com., Ms. Vedi please follow me and I'll take you to your exam." Redex instructed as he beckoned her to follow him. " Nothing to fear it's all a mind game Ms. Vedi."

Even though it was a simulation every detail was real as they walked past officers in the corridor, who seemed to wave and say hi as they normally would. Had the whole ship joined the scenario ?

" Have a seat over there."

Silence filled the void but stopped when another call came to the Commander.

" Sir Croesus son has been placed on life support. Not expected to make it." said the voice.

" I see... give him some time to compose himself and then let me know. I'll have him take second watch to relieve Strongfellow, that is all...."

" Ms. Vedi please begin the course currently coming up on the terminal. This is a timed sequence and you only have 30 minutes to complete it. the essay has to be five paragraphs minimal. Begin " Redex instructed. His demeanor seemed to be different than she was accustomed and especially given his tone towards Croesus.

Pinga thinks to herself that something is wrong. The commanding officer is acting differently from his normal self. She asks a question to hopefully gauge if this is the real captain, "Captain Redex, how is your wife Nicole doing?" She knows that Dr. Redex never goes by this name and is commonly referred to as Nikki. She begins to sit so she may take the test given just to be safe.

" Ms. Vedi the test has begun. " the Redex replied. As he walked away from her his comm badge rang again, voiced by Nikki. Muffled but intense the news was dim a he heard the verdict of the child. Redex suddenly collapsed his knees causing him to fall to the floor followed by crying.

"Captain please pull yourself together." Ms. Vedi says. "You are the captain of this vessel and we will look to you at this moment for strength and reassurance. The gods have recalled one of their children, and there will be time to mourn this loss. The men and women of this ship need you right now to help them get through this. Please sir be strong for the rest of us." she states due to her religious nature.

The Commander looked up at Vedi, with the tears, smiled and then stood up.

" Computer end simulation . " he ordered causing the holodeck to transform back to its lined pixel state. Transforming Redex back to whom it really was she was comforting, Lt commander Croesus.

" Thank you for your comfort Ms Vedi or should I say Ensign ? You passed the test. Despite your own grade on the line you took it upon yourself to comfort the Commander. There was never truly a computer exam, you mastered the last of those last week. You saw the need to comfort the commander as a good counselor would do in your shoes. Enough to impress me, Congratulations Ensign Vedi." Croesus added.

"Wait what?!" Ms. Vedi exclaims surprised. "You mean that sir?"

Lt. Strongfellow, whom had been monitoring the simulation from outside and seeing that it ended, enters. "How did she do commander?"

" Lieutenant your Ms. Vedi has just accepted promotion to Ensign. After shore leave will make it official upon the Commander's return. Now if you'll excuse me I have a wedding to get to." Croesus replied.

"Congratulations ensign. Once it is official you will also be transferred to the counselor position and you will permantly work in the medical department with Commander Nikki Redex. I am very proud of you." Lt. Strongfellow tells her.

Ens. Vedi, still somewhat stunned, replies "Aye aye sir, and thank you for your leadership."


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