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Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye


Tomorrow is my birthday, I will not be sharing this information.  The only one in the department that knows is my associate heads.  Of course medical knows.  Personnel knows.  I am certain that if Wayne tells our Administrative science Sandra Smith there will be a party.  He is a good guy.  I hope he knows better.  I was just kind of hoping for low key get together with Wayne, Shael and Turon.  Other than that, I will be resting for the upcoming mission.  I've already contacted forensics and our biology and botany department.  Environmental science is to be apprised and will definitely study along side PO3 Moy Synthani of  the ecology department of all things colony ecosystem concerned.  We will need samples of just about everything for study, which mean turns in the hazard lab.  I am certain PO1 Yi will drag in PO3 Davis to the Geology lab just to run over the weather patterns and forecast the spread of the contagion should it be airborne.  The two will no doubt find a radius dome of impact should it not be found to be air bound.  That preliminary report will be most of their influence, aside from the water table/watershed.  Which means, that Moy Synthani and Yi will be very much a team together to determine if the planet will be toxic and subject to reinfect.  That will take a great deal of time.  All we really need to know is if its possible to erect a quarantine and how much of a radius.  The science ships will survey on time till re-establishment.  Anyways, I better catch some sleep.


End log.


ooc: not my actual birthday, Arcos's birthday is set for April 25th.


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