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Finishing up in lab

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2017 @ 2:23pm by Lieutenant Arcos Darye



Arcos sat in the office preparing to arrive to the bridge.  He knew already there was something afoot.  He logged one last thing before closing the office for to report.  His associate would take over.


"I have routed all personnel their respective duty roster and assignments, however I have sort of a feeling that with the antsy behavior of my micro-biology whom have been pulled to assist medical that some sort of research project will be key to a medical endeavor."  he paused.  "all labs are fit and spot less. this enigma class is great.  Finally our deflector will be there if shields hold.  Communications is great, but I know when that goes our deflector will be long range and ringed meaning, that in that event all our research is pending.  I suppose that is the least of my concerns.  I'll just be happy our ship is one peice.  Our science labs are always in good positioning of hull shielding.  I suppose that means our personnel are protected in that respect.  Unfortunately science is not free from danger, quite the contrary we are almost always at risk.  That's part of he uniform. END LOG".  


He got up tapped his comm badge.  "I am on my way to the bridge." 


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