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end of a long day

Posted on Tue Sep 6th, 2016 @ 12:11am by Commander Lilly-Ann Morgan

Lilly had been to check on Lieutenant Commander Davis just before the end of her shift. She showed encouraging signs but nothing dramatic. Lilly sighed the ball was in Terri’s court now her body had to do the work and hopefully wake her when the imbalance her body had had been corrected.

Lilly lifted a padd to take away and review pertaining to Miranda and Arima and the progress towards their baby.

It had been a long day for various reasons, Lilly kicked off her boots on entering her room and let down her hair before replicating a large coffee.


She set up to make a log entry. "Today has been long for reasons I can’t quite understand as it was not noticeably busy or at least what i class as busy. A couple of annual check ups and a flight physical. She had been in a meeting with Miranda and Arima for further discussions about the plans they had. She had also checked on and done further tests for Terri but things there were progressing slowly."

She yawned  " Jasmine, well she was another issue altogether.  Today she had been a very opinionated madam about her studies, grades and exams before storming off to work. I need to try and talk with that one if she ever comes home her shift finished two hours ago so she was either in the gym or eating out somewhere.


Lilly ended the log with a “to be continued” as she was tired. She replicated two rounds of hot buttered toast to have with the last of her cooling coffee before she showered and went to bed with still no sign of her daughter.


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