Character Development

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We are in Character Development, time to flesh out your characters. Let's get to posting.

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Shakedown Cruise "Wedding Bells"

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The USS TIKAL is now under Cdr. Chuck Redex since Captain Marshall had gone out on an extremely classified intelligence mission.

Come and see how the crew adapts to the new environment and see Chuck Redex Sr. In the central chair.

This is also the Oportunity to see how Nicole and Chuck get themselves married and begin the new step in the Tikal's service

Between Stages

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There is something happening on Taevon Station and Tikal is selected to go and find out, Join the awai team.

Back Into The Saddle

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The Yang Zutal are back and there is a small dissident movement that could be the key to take a beach head on the expanse for the Federation.

This is too good to be true... could it be a trap?


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After a well played mission the Crew of the Tikal is called to Earth to report of their findings to the Fleet council, after that they enjoy of a R&R time at Paul Jones family Estate.

Admiral Paul Jones proposes to Lt. Cmdr. Amarith. After saying yes, they decide to get married before the week is done.

Back into the Saddle, Episode 2

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It is time to get back to the Taevon Expanse, to get the comrades left behind to prepare the conditions for a coup

Quest for the City of Latinum

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Many changes and challenges await the fearless crew of the USS Tikal as they find themselves in a battle to stop The League of Rogues and their old nemesis the Ferengi from completing their ultimate goal.

Taking Care of Business

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The Crew of the Tikal is taking a R&R on Jones Estate, when they are called back to dutie... this time to pose as a freighter crew and to discover the rebellion of a Yang Zutal faction and maybe Croesus whereabouts...

New Beginings

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The Tikal has been transferred to the Omicron Fleet as it's flagship, Chuck Redex has gone to a secret section 31 mission and Charles Atwood has been appointed new Commanding Officer and as Fleet Commanding Officer no more than newly promoted Fleet Admiral Paul Jones.

Come and watch as everybody adjusts to their new roles.


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Infection: The Tikal is now back on their normal patrol sector. They get a message to report to a remote outpost called Remus Four.


They have had several deaths after consuming food brought in from an outside source. Their scientists have discovered that the food has been genetically altered and it alters the DNA of the person who eats it. They begin to change. But whatever they are supposed to change into isn't compatible with human structure and they end up dying a horrible, painful death as their bodies end up consuming themselves, leaving only their skin.


They end up looking like deformed, deflated creatures. It will be up to us to find out what or who is responsible for the genetically food, what outside source has brought it to them. How correct the DNA change and how we're going to stop it.