The Sim

The USS Enigma was initially developed as a cruiser with heavy armaments, and suited to a range of exploratory, scientific, combat and diplomatic missions. The plan was originally commissioned by Starfleet Command as a response to the ever changing roles the ships of the fleet had to meet. The original plans for the USS Enigma were laid out by the SCE and given the go ahead by command to be implemented in the field. The initial construction phase went very smoothly, with no delays in production. The completed space frame was delivered on schedule with all on board components in place. The initial space trials were standard for a prototype with many modifications and revisions being put into effect during the first 10 months. The revisions were available for all subsequent models of this class with the exception of the second and third vessels, the USS Hellion, and USS Provocateur. Both vessels however were subsequently retrofitted with the upgrades upon completion of their shakedown cruises.

The main core of the ship is kept very consistent throughout deployed models, with most of the fixed areas consisting of crew accommodations, defensive components, and support systems that are vital to the ship’s operation. Despite the obvious consistencies needed in the design, the Enigma-class was built to be heavily modular in its nature. Almost 20% of its saucer section is detachable and interchangeable with various mission modules depending on the need the ship may have for a specific mission.

Construction Chronology:

The Enigma Project was commissioned under the authority of Starfleet command, and was immediately put on the drawing board. The main superstructure was drafted over the course of 7 months, and then construction was started on stardate 55701.3 when the keel was laid. USS Enigma was constructed over a period of 10 months.

Construction of the duranium structural frame proceeded for 2 months time. During this time, the main navigational deflector was installed in its housing, as were the photon torpedo tubes, main computer core, RCS thrusters, impulse engines, deuterium tanks, and antimatter storage pods. Main hull plating began installation during the construction phase of the ship’s internal areas.

In the 4th month of construction, the warp nacelles were delivered from the hangar where they were fabricated, and installed onto the supporting pylons. External weapons placements were finalized, sensors were installed, and all external hatches were in place. The main bridge module was installed, and lifeboats were delivered. By the 5th month of construction, 90% of the internal framework was already in place, power transfer conduits were being installed to allow for lighting on the interior work, and some vital areas were already receiving their finishing touches including main engineering. The ship was at this time powered up via the umbilical connection to drydock.

By the 7th month of construction, all power transfer conduits were in place, and the warp core had been installed, but not yet activated. The final 3 months of work consisted of mostly cosmetic work. LCARS displays were installed, all the missing bulkheads were put in place, and crew amenities were installed. This included the lounges, and holodecks.

By the 9th month of work, the fusion reactors had been installed and powered up. Medstar was powered up to station keeping under her own power, and primary command and control functions were transferred to main engineering. The main computer core was brought on line, and data transfer was completed. Final testing on support systems such as the transporter were finalized, and given clearance for normal operation. The warp core was brought on line on Stardate 55002.3, and all power umbilicals were severed one week later.

In the final week of construction, command and control was transferred to bridge stations, computer systems were cleared for operations, and all auxiliary craft were brought on board Matter/Antimatter storage tanks were filled to reserve, and all other material brought up to required levels. Enigma was declared officially space worthy and ready for space trials on stardate 55263.1 After 3 months of space trials, the USS Enigma NX-83197 was officially commissioned in a small ceremony on stardate 55459.1. The USS Enigma is currently assigned to exploratory missions on the far end of Federation space, near the galactic barrier