Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones

Name Amarith i-Ra'tleihfi ei-Saehhe Narviat t'Jones

Position Jones Family Member

Second Position Mission Advisor

Rank Commander


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Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 1:41pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan / Vulcan
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6''
Weight 124
Hair Color Black
Physical Description

Black Romulan Vulcan, hides pointy ears and Romulan forehead underneath her Romulan bangs.


Spouse FADM Paul Jones

Oliver Kotta, Andrew Jones, Jordan Jones

Father Devoras tr'Narviat
Mother T'Hai

Peterak (half brother), Zodok (half brother), Shiar (brother)



Personality & Traits

General Overview

Amarith's mother T'Hai, dark skin Vulcan was taken prisoner by the Romulans. Years later while under the service to Devoras tr'Narviat, she gave birth to Amarith. In the year, 2374, her father was killed. She and her mother left Romulus as they went back to Vulcan. That year she enters Starfleet Academy. In 2387, she became pregnant with twins for Rear Admiral Paul Jones.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Calculating not prone to Spontaneity, Logical and has a fashionable wardrobe. Once she loosens up, she displays a sense of humor. She is in conflict with her Romulan heritage. At times, she is proud to be a Romulan while other times, she is ashamed to be born to a man who is responsible for so many deaths.


Be a Captain one day.

Hobbies & Interests

Gardening, chest, sword fighting, gymnastics, kickboxing and history

Favorite Quote "I am here to serve and not be served"

Personal History

Amarith's mother T'Hai, dark skin Vulcan was captured by the Romulans. She had a choice either serve or die, so she decided to serve in the household as a maid. While serving as a maid, she had her pon farr. In the year 2355, she gives birth a daughter named Amarith. Amarith was treated as a second class because she was the illegitimate daughter of her father Devoras. She learned growing up how to be acrobatic, dance, sword fighting, chest, gardening and the love of history. Her father was supposedly killed in the year 2374. Upon that year, her brother Zokok, little brother Shiar, her mother and herself flees Romulus so they would not be killed by their father's enemies. Her sister Asha was one of the siblings who faked her death saving them as well as securing their future by allowing them to escape with the family fortune.

She enters the Academy that year majoring in Criminal Justice. While she was in her senior year in 2377, she was assigned as a cadet to JAG. There she meets Pericles Kotta a childhood friend, a Betazoid JAG Officer and thus their friendship grew. In the year 2376 in the summer after graduation and before her first assignment, she participated in the Interstellar Olympics. The gymnastic team wins the Latinum medal but she finishes fourth overall. She tried a daring move which cost her a personal medal.

Amarith's first assignment was to the USS Maverick after graduation as a Tactical Officer. She was given several citations for her heroism. In the year 2379 she is promoted to Lt. Junior Grade and she is transferred to Security. In the year 2381, she is transfer to the USS Cairo and she is assigned as the Assistant Security Officer. Shortly after arriving, she is promoted to Lieutenant. In the year 2382 she is promoted to Chief of Security. During this time, she is stricken with pon far and her friend Pericles helps her with her condition thus creating from this union, a boy named Oliver. In the year 2386, she is urged by her Vulcan side of the family that her son would be better off being raised by Pericles. Sometimes after relinquishing custody of the child to the birthfather, she is transfer to the USS Perseus. While there, she comes in contact with ore that helped increased her mental capabilities. She is eventually transfer to the USS Tikal. While on the Tikal she falls in love with Rear Admiral Paul Jones. She and several others went into the future where they lived for a year. While she was there, she has twins named Andrew and Jordan.

Service Record

2376 - Cadet Assignment with JAG.

2377 - Ensign on USS Maverick. Position is Tactical Officer

2379 - Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade. Transfer to Security

2381 - Transfer to USS Cairo. Assigned as the Assistant Security Officer and promoted to Lieutenant.

2382 - Promoted to Chief of Security on the USS Cairo.

2385- Transfer to USS Perseus - Chief of Security

2387- Transfer to USS Tikal - Chief of Security /Tactical, 2XO

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