Lieutenant JG Terrance Gaius

Name Terrance Gaius

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 8:38pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ingav
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 155
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Of the Gaius Family on the Ingav Homeworld, who have fur on their bodies and resemble a humanoid ape-like depiction. He is not rather tall, but of his people he is. The Ingav Alliance consists of three differing Ape-like Humanoid species to inhabit the Ingav Homeworld. The Ingav species he closely resembles is that of a shorter, thinner of the three ape-humanoids with brown fur that covers his body. The Gaius family had inter-species heritage with the taller, lighter brown fur species, but that was several generations ago and although some of his family more closely resembles the second, he does not.


Spouse Former Spouse: Helena
Children Thornwell
Father Tronbeau Gaius
Mother Yelliah Gaius
Brother(s) Ridegell
Other Family The Gaius family has over 60 living relatives,

Personality & Traits

Personal History There are more than 60 living relatives in his family, but this family circle is not common to the Ingav, after the war with the Cardassians, the Ingav lost many of their houses on the "Sayer" council. For this reason, the Gaius family is well footed in the Ingav alliance. They were fortunate to have been assigned magistrate of a distant Colony, which Ironically was a move from their Ingav home world out of Jealousy. The Great Sayer in charge at the time called for the move to split the house from obtaining power to claim his job. He had the Gaius family, of lesser descendants move, where as the more loyal warriors remained behind in a new house known as the Fin-Dalu. Almost all of the Fin-Dalu were lost in the war to the cardassians, but some remain in almost total banishment from the Ingavi people. They show a side of the Great Sayer of the last era as if part of a failed tyrannical reminder, and the true Great Sayer is thought to be looking at them in dishonor. They not only are banishers of their own brethren, but a iron fist, and false doctrine, but also believed to be part of the festival of the "hunt" whose dishonor has been shameful toward their people and marks a time of brutal savagery where the Ingavi would eat of raw flesh, desecrate the kill with fire, and beat their bones on drums. To this day, except in the Great Sayer of last, is unmentionable with out disfavor and the act of forbidden.
Service Record Holds the Ingav equivalent of a masters in archeology and anthropology.
Is on the Officer exchange program with the Federation from the Ingav.
For the duration of 6 months he is assigned to the USS Tikal, with honorary rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.