Lieutenant JG Helena Gaius

Name Helena Gaius

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ingavi
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6''
Weight 155
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Helena is an Ingavi which is a humanoid species resembling apes. She is quiet limber and she has amazing jumping abilities as she can leap very high and she can scale walls plus climb obstacles with no problems.


Spouse Terrance (divorced)
Children Thornwell - Four years old - lives with his father's mother.
Father Dr. Ceasar Titus
Mother Dr. Kira Titus
Brother(s) Polycarp
Sister(s) Alicia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Helena comes from a race that was conquered by the Cardassians but with the help of Captain Alyssa Weatherstone, her great great grandparents were able to be saved in the early part of the 24th century and relocated into the Badlands. While there, they were able to be kept hidden as well as when the Maquis came to the planet they hid some of them as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Agility, quickness, flexible, strong and sense of humor.

She is a vegetarian as she thrives on vegetables and does not require meat to survive.

Weakness is she could be shy if someone flirts with her but if someone talks to her one on one, she is very polite and cordial.
Ambitions To give back what was given to her as well as her people.
Hobbies & Interests Climbing trees, flipping in the air, trampolines and painting. She also attends to the mango and papaya tree she keeps in her quarters.

Personal History Born on the planet Sindorin in the year 2364. As a child, her people had to be isolated on the planet as the ones from the Ingavi home planet had been conquered by the Cardassians.

In the year 2373, it was her family unit as well as a few other family units which help an injured Ro Laren back to health. Then and there, she decided one day she wanted to be part of Starfleet. She helped the Maquis as a child as she one time stowed away on a ship that had been captured by Cardassians. Helping free the Maquis, she was not part of the norm to be kept out of sight.

When the war was over with, the Federation did not bring up any charges on Helena or her parents for letting Helena help the Maquis out of the written testimony that written by Captain Alyssa Weatherstone as every one thought Captain Weatherstone had died. The truth was Alyssa had not died but she was in a transporter accident that cause her to revert to her twelve year old body. The Titus family helped now young Alyssa kept out of sight until the war was over with.

When she was sixteen years old, she enters the Academy. She majors in Advance Weapons. She has the ability to build any kind of phaser, rifle, disruptor or any kind of weapon that suits Starfleet purpose.

When she was a cadet, she meets Terrance Gaius a fellow Ingavi who grew up on another planet under the Ingavi Alliance. They were married when she was twenty two and she had a son name Thornwell a year later. There came a time when she demanded Terrance to come to the Federation but he refused so they got divorced with Terrance taking her son Thornwell to live with his mother.

She served on the USS Mayflower until the ship came back right before the wedding of Amarith and Paul Jones. She transfer over to the Tikal.

Service Record 2384 - Cadet Cruise on the Ingavi Central Station - She meets Terrance there.
2384 - Graduates from the Academy
2385 - Marries Terrance Gaius
2384 - Ensign on the USS Mayflower as a Tactical Officer
2386 - Thornwell is born so she is on maternity leave.
2388 - Divorces Terrance. Mutual agreement Thornwell will be raised by Terrance's mother when Helena is on duty.
2389 - Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade.
2390 - Transfer to the USS Tikal