Vice Admiral Alicia Monroe

Name Alicia Weatherstone Monroe

Position Fleet Second Officer / JAG CO

Second Position Crew Member Grandmother

Rank Vice Admiral


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Sun May 14th, 2017 @ 12:43pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 92

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5''
Physical Description

Elegant, sophisticated, determined lady who is no stranger to taking risks.


Spouse Admiral Clark Monroe

Clark Monroe Jr and Sandra Monroe Silvers

Mother Alyssa Silverstone

Twin brother.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Born in the year 2298 on Earth. Grew up in Starfleet as she shadow her adventurous mother all around the galaxy. She became fascinated with all the cultures she had come in contact with in all those years. She enters the Academy in Political Science and Anthropology. While she is at the Academy, she meets Clark Monroe. The two of them are assigned to the diplomatic ship the USS Benjamin Franklin. They were career officers as they decided not to have children until she was in her late thirties. The first child was Clark Jr. followed by Sandra and the youngest one was Jeanne. She was made Captain in the year 2342 of the USS William Tecumseh Sherman. In the year 2354 she leaves her children with her husband while she went on a mission. Alicia was assisting her mother on a covert mission in the Badlands. To save her mother's team that was on a planet, the Franklin takes on heavy fire from three Cardassian ships. High tailing to divert them away from her mother, they find an anomaly as they slipped in to it as the three ships try to chase her ship into it, they caused the anomaly to collapse as all three Cardassian ships exploded propelling the Sherman to the year 2387. After she returns from the Badlands, she finds her husband was now a Federation Ambassador to the Sigma Iotia sector. Her husband was always true to their vows as he had decided to bury himself into his work to deal with the lost of his wife. Upon seeing each other, they rekindle their love. Her first officer was promoted to Captain of the newly fitted Sherman in 2389. She now runs Starbase Sigma Iotia near Sigma Iotia II.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Main strength is also her weakness as she feels she is invincible as she will never die. So she will take risks beyond the call of duty from helping races or saving ships.


Become President of the Federation.

Hobbies & Interests

Quilting, needlepoint, antiques, dancing, socializing.

Personal History

2298 - Born 2316 - Enter Starfleet Academy

2319 - Meets Clark Monroe

2320 - Graduates from the Academy in Political Science

2320 - Marries Clark Monroe

2320 - Assigned to the USS Benjamin Franklin as a Diplomatic Officer as Ensign

2322 - Promoted Lt. Junior Grade

2324 - Receives Law Degree

2326 - Promoted Lieutenant

2329 - Promoted Lt. Commander

2331 - USS Franklin is involved an incident that went south as the Captain, two Executive Officers and all the other Chief Officers except for her husband Clark and herself are killed. At the time, she outranked Clark so she assumes control of the Franklin, turns things around and she winds up writing a treaty that saved two warring groups on a planet which enabled them to become part of the Federation. Upon returning to Earth, she was made the Executive Officer of the ship.

2332 - Promoted to Commander

2342 - Promoted to Captain of the USS Sherman

2354 - Badlands Incident which propelled her in the future.

2387 - Comes out of the anomaly in the Badlands.

2389 - Assigned to Captain of USS Beholder

2390 - Promoted to Rear Admiral