Captain Addison Blaire

Name Addison Blaire

Position Crew Member Mother

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 70

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8''
Weight 155
Hair Color Brownish Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Addison is a very statuesque female with well form curves from her smile to her hips. She is beautiful even being seventy years old, she looks like she is in her forties because for about twenty years, she was in cryogenics.


Spouse Admiral Nicholas de Brabant
Children Dr. Cassius, Lt. Cmdr Zodok tr'Narviat, Angelica Blaire, Cassandra Blaire, Athena Blaire. Lucien de Brabant

Personality & Traits

General Overview Addison was born on Betazed. She enters the Academy where she becomes great friends with T'Hai. Upon graduating, she is assigned to the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Garrett. While she on the ship, she had become great friends with a Talosian. A month before being captured by Romulans, the Talosian is transferred as he takes the son she recently gave birth to named Cassius.

She along with T'Hai, Tasha Yar from an alternate time line and others were taken prisoner by the Romulans. The separation of her son drove her mad which was brought on by drugs the Romulan were feeding her. It increased her telepathic powers where she was able to manipulate people so with the drugs and brainwashing, the Romulans used her as a military weapon. During this time, Devoras tr'Narviat gets her pregnant. She has a son named Zodok. By the time Zodok was born, she became a weapon they could not control so Narviat ordered her to be cryogenically froze.

Shortly before the coup happened, Narviat allowed her along with her son plus others like Amarith, T'Hai and Shiar to be taken away off of Romulus.

While she was recovering in a Starfleet hospital, she was reunited with the Talosian she named Perseus. Perseus and she had one more daughter name Angelica shortly after.

After Angelica was born, she was reassigned to Starfleet. Her first assignment was the USS Waterloo. On an away mission to the planet Aquaria, she and others were taken prisoner by the Aquarians. They gave her and others an element that made the water breathers. While she was there, she had several children the mermen had used her as a vessel to replenish their school. She was there for about a year until they were able to find the antidote to make her no long a water breather. She was able to leave there taking two of her children, Cassandra and Athena.

She was able to rise up the ranks as she finds herself as a Captain by the year 2381 as her ship was in a battle where she was fourth in command. After the battle was over with, she was able to secure the commanding officer position of the USS Waterloo.

In 2381, she meets another captain by the name of Nicholas de Brabant, a Belgium officer who was very debonair. She eventually married him as they had a son named Lucien.