Petty Officer 3rd Class Sandra Smith

Name Sandra Smith

Position Administrative Science

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class


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Character Information

Gender Female
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 136lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Physical Description

Sandra is middle twenties.  A little bit heavier than when she entered, but still rather fit.  She hasn't found anyone yet, but is actively seeking when she has the time.


Spouse none.


Father Garry - Agricultural engineer. (nearing retirement)
Mother Hellen - (Home maker, formerly child development)

Rick. - Agricultural engineer on the colony.  (oldest) his wife is Jessica, she hasn't had kids.  Rebecca and Kelly are worried she will get too old.  She is in child counseling.  Rick says they've tried a couple times, he's a little shy sometimes of the...


Had an unborn brother.


Kelly. -  Nurse on the colony. Still very young, She hope she find some one while she is still very attractive. Is still being planned to be set up with someone, Rebecca will make sure of it. (youngest)

Rebbecca. - Child development on the colony. Match maker, loves babies, but can't have children.  Husband died in star fleet. He was a almost a crewman 1st class when the training accident took him prematurely. Wasn't his fault.  it was a mechanical error.  He was always good with machines, he fixed machines at the colony. (second oldest)

Lost two unborn sisters.  the last one was her parents last try.  After loosing two between the others, they couldn't bare to try again for a four-peat.  Even though statistically the next one would have probably lived.  She always talks about how they really wanted a baby boy to raise like Rick.  He was always the oldest and always child number one to Daddy and mommy too.  She and the girls always had to share time in the stories, but really Rebbecca was Daddy's Girl.

Other Family

Uncle Henry. - Retired Agricultural engineer. Kept firm that one boy was all he needed, but a girl was always Aunt Jasmines desire.  She always kept knitting girls booties at every holiday.

Aunt Jasmine. About to retire, child development.  taught Sandra to knit.  Always said she only needed one child.  Kept right on knitting, and working with children.  Must have dearly wanted that girl. must have.  She still works there and she could easily retire and just take care of Uncle Henry.

Cousin Bob. - Veterinarian.  "Doctor Bob", his wife Suzy "Veterinarian nurse." on the colony - trying for a baby, lost the last one.  Says he would like two boys.  We all know he should have two girls too.

Grampa Joe. - Retired Agricultural engineer.  Had two boys.  Always said that was all he needed.

Grandma Jean. - Homesteader/homemaker.  Loved to knit, sow, and cook, but her answer was the colony was real young.  We know she loved the home more and taking care of Joe and the boys was a full time job.


Grandpa Jim - Deceased.  Agricultural farm hand.  couldn't keep the farm.  was too much of a single dad to go out on his own.  It was his plan to do so, always had talked about finding a new mom for Helen, none passed through.  he said he'd quit drinking as soon as one arrived.  Died a broken heart, just like that his heart gave, but saw Helen and Gary married and baby Rick be born.  He's singing in heaven with Morrie and the stillborn and the miscarriages. (or so she keeps saying about the time of his birthday, Morrie's birthday, and their deaths)


Grandma Morrie - Deceased.  Died giving birth to Sandra's aunt.  Sandra never was told the name.  There was a burial site, but no marker.  Grandma Morrie is there too, under the same tree they planted.  She visits that tree, it was the best they could do.  "Morrie + baby girl" is carved in it  Grandpa Jim wanted to buried there, but he's in the cemetery.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Social Networking.




Strengths & Weaknesses

Organized. - keeps well organized, always cleaning up the office.  The only time it gets bad is when the department tells her not to sort their desk.  otherwise she would.

People Person.  Loves everyone, very charming and even though the stories go round and round.  We all love her.

Morning Person.  Always there bright and early. she even comes in and stays late.

Energetic.  always full of energy.  Very much the bright part of the Science office day.



A bit of a gossip.

Talks to much about her life, very sweet though.


To find a husband. - so far no ones come around yet that wants to move to the colony and have children like she does.  There is one.  There is one for everyone.  Everyone has someone that they are meant to be with. Everyone. Everyone.  Like...


To have six children. - Children are a godly blessing and its the best part of being a woman.  Six children is what she really wants, some people should just have three.  Her sister shouldn't have more than three, she's a nurse. Thats a career you gotta stick with.


Be a top notch administrative assistant as long as she can care for her children. (she doesn't yet have.)  Would probably quite her job to raise them and be a home-maker like her mother and grandmother.

Hobbies & Interests

Sowing. Learned a little from her mother, mostly self taught and by books.

Weaving.  Learned to weave from her mother, who was taught by her mother.  She didn't survive long on the colony.  Died stillborn-ing her aunt without proper medical personnel around to birth the child.  Grandpa Jim never told her the name.  He drank.  A lot.  Never before she died, but was never abusive, but died a broken heart.

Knitting.  Learned to knit from her aunt, who learned from her grandmother.

Volleyball. Admitting played girls volleyball in her child development, was very good, but her knees aren't what she wanted them to be, otherwise she'd be a pro.

Gossip.  she will talk and talk about things that really are pretty transparently just gossip.  Mostly family and the colony, but sometimes other administrative personnel aboard and their families.

Horoscopes.  - Checks her horoscope like early earth diabetics would check their blood sugar.

Suduko and crossword puzzles.  that's her mainstay when shes not got much to do.

Personal History

Grew up in agriculture on a colony world.  Was very much a homesteader of the 24th century.  Took a passion to the older wold things such as sowing, knitting, weaving.  Admits that she knows how to turn butter, but reads a lot.  Loves to talk about herself and her homesteading days, and anything else relational to her daily life.

Service Record

She studied at the academy for 2 and half years before giving up and taking enlistment.  She was there in the command track with science studies.  She always takes a deep breath and says, "It wasn't for me."  Most of the team only asked once, but it comes up because she gossips about herself and others a lot.


One of the best administrative assistants we've had. We all love her dearly and hope she signs up for another tour.