Lieutenant JG Timothy Wayne

Name Timothy Wayne

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (African)
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 2.2 Meters
Weight 172
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Timothy has a very cheerful look about him that is ambience setting, giving viewers the feeling of good atmosphere. He is rather tall compared to some of the other Humans on the ship, but not a giant. He is rather trim for his wieght because of his height. Most people would picture him as being native to the western part of Africa, but he grew up in a town just outside of Two harbors Michigan. He has short black hair, course, but shaved short. He also has no remarkable build for physique, but some would be surprised by his remarkable ability to move objects in a pinch. It is not a super hero trait, but in regard to his small build its surpising to some.


Spouse None
Children None
Father George (Mining Commission Diplomat)
Mother Elizabeth (Nurse)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Timothy is rather gifted in social skills, administrative duties, and has a great attitude about life. He is spiritually motivated, which he insists is part of his creator's gift to the world. He wishes to learn more about the universe, existance... life. And ease the suffering of those in tough times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Socially adept - Timothy is a great speaker, not necesarily by diction or compilation, but from his cheerful attitude which seems to captivate his audience. He has often sought out poetry readings to express his concepts.

Adminstrative excellence - Timothy is well educated in adminstrative duties, but goes beyone expectations and innovates on daily basis to meet the challenges of his duties.

Cheerfully Ambitious - Timothy's resolve is of good character with an upbeat, good natured look on life. Desiring to change lives when ever possible for the better.
Ambitions Help the suffering - Growing from a background with a spiritual father, Timothy desires to ease the pains of suffering, even those unavoidable. He does his best to aid others in trouble, but can find it hard to when forced to obey the prime directive. he does so anyways.

Learn about the Universe - Timothy believes that existance is the handywork of his creator and that by learning about it, he learns more about himself and his maker.

Spirituality - Timothy prays to his maker on a daily basis, reads the verses and meditates on a regular basis. He is a Theist, some one who believes in God.
Hobbies & Interests Sporting Activitys/ Athletic competetion - Beach volleyball, small sailing, fishing.
Spirtuality - Biblical and motivational excerpts
Science - Science Journal
Helping others

Personal History Timothy Wayne is of African lineage, but grew up in what was once Michigan near two harbors. His father was an orphan whom had been adopted by a couple in Michigan where he met his childhood love and wife, Timothy's mother. George,(father), loved philopsophy and spirituality and read stories to Timothy from alot of the western world, but also many of the folk tales of the region. One of Timothy's favorite stories was of African origin, but aesops fables were also a big player in his early years. George would recount the fables from memory in the evenings before bed to Tim. Becuase of his upbringing in the orphanage, aesops were foremost in mind.

As Timothy grew, he learned more of what was once a western spirituality of abundance, reading from an old book his Mother's parents had given her, passed down from her families early days from thier days in African missionary work. Taking up an ancestrial path of devotion to the needy, Elizabeth was called to nursing and worked in a Hospital in Two Harbors, some twenty miles from thier home. George, on the other hand, often was called to travel with his work as a mining cololition representative and lead many diplomatic negotiations for mining rights and saftey of mining. Even when he was called away, George often recorded his bed time stories for Timothy to hear.

Service Record Timothy joined the science department after finishing the academy officer training, and was stationed aboard the Tikal after a cadet cruise as an ensign. His administrative training began early on during his cadet cruise when he showed promise and excellence, having won an award for Administrative Excellence in his first year aboard the USS La Cholla, a small escort class to which he recalls,

"was so small, you practically bunked in the torpedo tubes for the extra leg room, but the crew was as together like we'd been stuck together with glue. We knew each other as if we were(all) attached at the hip..." remarking, "(we)couldn't go one way without running into someone whom we hadn't come to know well, (and) we all pitched in, serving each other."

Timothy, recollecting, attributes his Administrative success to the limited science team aboard the Cholla (Pronounced "Choya"). He recalls that he was called to duty to manage the resources of the department from the very first week, when his direct commanding officer(of the science department) broke his wrist in a fall during a early detonation from a space mine in a War games excercise. The Chief of Science was only out a few days, but his step up to the call gained his commanding officers respect and he took him under his wing, Promoting Timothy after his first year of service as an ensign.

Timothy is currently assigned to Bridge and Administrative duties aboard the USS Tikal for the science department.

Deans list - Freshmen Year
Honorable Mention - Academy Science Fair
Administrative Excellence - USS La Cholla

Promotion record:
Academy Graduation - Age 22
Cadet Tour Completion - Age 23
Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade - Age 24