Lieutenant James Grayson

Name James Emmanuel Grayson

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 168lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description James is tall with a muscular physique, maintaining his figure and build to the point that it seems overly obsessive to some. His brown hair is thick, a fact which he frequently complains about, taking the opportunity to keep it at a reasonable length so that it just covers the top of his ears and some of his forehead.
He keeps himself well-groomed, finding facial hair largely irritating although he maintains a very short goatee.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Tony Grayson
Mother Isabella Grayson
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Two cousins on his father's side and two on his mother's side along with aunts and uncles on both sides of his family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview James, generally speaking, is your typical workaholic. He never neglects his duties. During his career he has, on more than one occasion, been forcibly removed from duty until he's had a good night's rest and spent some time relaxing.
He's a good leader and the kind of person that people like to follow. Not only that, but he can be relied upon to protect those under his command and be a sounding board and source of confidence to those above him in the pecking order.
When he's not working, he can generally be found reading, in the holodeck, or indeed a combination thereof.
He also has a keen eye for the ladies and tends to enjoy their company as much as they enjoy his. He hasn't settled down yet because he hasn't met the right woman.
Strengths & Weaknesses James is a naturally born leader. This is aided by his voice - it's deep and can be either booming and authoritative or soothing and encouraging depending on what the situation requires.
Insofar as weaknesses go, he tends to become over-involved in his duties. He throws all of himself into his work, and sometimes forgets that looking after himself in terms of sleeping and eating are also rather important parts of life. That said, once he's dragged away from his work, he's the life of the party, easy-going and relaxed, enjoying his recreational time.
Ambitions James' ambition is a large part of his character, but not so large that it dominates his personality. He, like many who apply to serve in Starfleet, had (and still has) dreams of sitting in "The big chair" - making calls that could determine the fate of the quadrant.

If and when he becomes a commanding officer in the future, given his tactical background, he hopes to have a tactical pattern or maneuver named after him so that he will go down in the history books.
Hobbies & Interests Away from his duties, James can often be found buried in a good book.
He has a rather rigorous exercise program, including several martial arts which he finds rather pertinent to his speciality.
That aside, he is a keen chess player, enjoys the sport of fencing and rather unsurprisingly has a great interest in military history.

Personal History James' personal history does not contain anything dramatic, tragic or otherwise exceptionally notable.
He was raised on Earth and subsequently Bajor as his father had a diplomatic assignment on Bajor, where his parents still currently reside.
He excelled throughout his schooling, applying to Starfleet Academy the day that he turned seventeen. The Dominion War and subsequent destruction of Romulus and the fighting between the various sects of the old empire gradually opened his eyes to the fact that people were needed to protect the federation. He chose to be amongst them.
Whilst at the academy he broadened his horizons and continued to excel, gaining degrees in Xenobiology and Astrophysics before choosing his specialisation in Security and Tactical matters. He scored 98% in the bridge officers exam that he chose to take before graduating from the academy.
Service Record -Graduated second in his class from Starfleet Academy, gaining degrees in Xenobiology and Astrophysics before being certified as a Security/Tactical Officer.
-Passed the Bridge Officers' Test upon completion of Starfleet Academy
-Underwent Advanced Tactical Training to further hone his skills as a Tactical Security Officer
-Spent two years at Starfleet Command School in order that he didn't have to return to do so before holding a command position.
-At the age of 22, assigned to USS Shanghai as the Assistant Tactical/Security Officer. Fought in numerous battles including a particularly memorable one in which the ship was boarded by Romulan and Reman Soldiers.
-Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade on his 23rd birthday for exemplary service.
-Assigned to USS Stargazer-B, Chief Tactical/Security Officer.
-Promoted to full Lieutenant at the age of 28.
-Assigned to USS Sovereign, Chief Tactical/Security Officer
-Assigned to USS Tikal, Executive Officer and Chief Tactical/Security Officer.