Ensign Sam Lovett

Name Sam Lovett

Position Geologist

Rank Ensign


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Sat May 10th, 2014 @ 11:53pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 218 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Bluish
Physical Description

Tall and a little chunky.  Likes his hair buzzed and spiky.  Typically veers down to his tricorder, struggles with posture.  We all wonder if his back will give way sooner than later.  Mostly because he leers at that tricorder which he holds at mid waste.  He must have great eye sight.


Spouse none


Father Timothy
Mother Kelly




Personality & Traits

General Overview

Academic Upbringing Bright Administrative Goal

Strengths & Weaknesses

Bright - Very Adept at learning new things and problem solving
Logic - Is able to troubleshoot through unknown puzzles better than most
Charismatic - Very well liked, most of the time.


* Star fleet Science Department Chair * Science Captain *Career Officer

Hobbies & Interests

*20th Century Earth Science fiction *Model Rockets and minitures *Orchestra - Violin, Cello

Personal History

Sam was brought up with some of the finest schools, his parents pushed him to success, knowing that education was the foothold in to success. Sam, desiring a place in Star Fleet Science, utilized the academics to further his own goals. Even though he was not the smartest guy in the class, he did very well and surpassed much of the "Genius" level graduates in class rank at the academy. Determination seemed to sum up his reach for Academic goals. Sam was decorated for educational merits twice in his freshman year.

Service Record

Academy Graduate - Science Administration + Shipboard Science Operations(Top 10% of Class) Cadet tour - USS Heisenberg D Rank upon end of Cadet tour: Ensign