Ensign Samantha Rogers

Name Samantha Anne Rogers

Position Translation Specialist

Second Position Communications Officer

Rank Ensign


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Sun Mar 20th, 2016 @ 5:17pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 105
Hair Color Blone
Eye Color Blue


Father Sam
Mother Kelly
Brother(s) Kevin

Personality & Traits

Personal History Sarah was born to Samuel and Kelly Thomas at the turn of the decade in 2360. She came into the world during the new years celebration, and according to her parents was just as wile form the start.

Sarah growing up loved to play tricks on her older brother, Kevin. She would often set him up and get him in to trouble. Of course he would always try to get her back, but his efforts never seemed to outwit Sarah.

When Sarah was a little older she took a fondness to learning other languages. Her parents seemed to think this was so she could play her trickery on others by planning everything in Klingon.

Teenage years:
Once Sarah reached the age of 17 she decided to make a career out of her translation abilities. Sarah trained at a small college for linguistics outside of Paris, where she upon moving learned traditional French in a matter of a few short weeks. Sarah, a natural, took to the college life well. She participated in several clubs including the Drama club.

Sarah after graduation a year early entered star fleet to pursue her dreams of assisting in translating on different worlds.

Service Record Additional training: Commonalities of linguistic principals (Star Fleet field prep course)
Basic six-week crash course on translation tactics in the field with standard enlisted prep

First Assignment: USS Horatio B (deep space science explorer)
Associate linguist under the direct command of Dr. Robert E. Perry (Chief Science officer) granted promotion to Petty Officer third class:
-Service noted as being fitting of Star Fleet
-Proven capable of essential translation tactics in the field
-Definite example of a molded crewman taken from civilian cast